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Preferred inbound call center solution that delivers a great IVR and intelligent Call Center routing experience to increase First Contact Resolution Rate

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Unified Agent Desktop

Enable agents to access all customer data and related interaction history in unified agent desktop



Eliminate the need to manually dial a number with click-to-call functionality


Self-Service IVR

Help customers with an interactive IVR to solve all first-level queries without involving your agents


Number Masking

Get complete call of data abstraction with masked numbers in the agents dashboards to protect customer’s privacy


DTMF Masking

Mask the dial tone multi frequency to ensure maximum privacy for customer’s sensitive data


Call Back Management

Schedule call back or take follow up on the calls for a specific time or date mentioned by the customers


Team Collaboration

Provide on-call assistance to agents with team collaboration features like internal chat, call transfer, and call confer features


Agent Call Scoring

Analyze call quality and score each call on the basis of different scoring parameters to enhance the call quality


Queue Management

Move agents from one queue to another, depending upon the high call volume to best use the agents capabilities

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Why do you need Inbound Call Center Software?


Route Customer Queries to the Best Available Agent

Provide a superior customer experience by routing your customers to the right agents. Achieve a higher level of First Call Resolution (FCR) and increased CSAT with intelligent routing algorithms like preferred agent routing (Sticky Agent Routing), Skill-based routing (Route based on an Agents Skill parameters), and customer persona-based routing (Route dynamically based on CRM input).

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Help Anxious Customers with an Interactive IVR

Help customers with personalized voice prompt as answers to most of their queries with a self-service IVR, without the need to involve your agents. Choose from a Simple IVR, Multi-level IVR, and even a Dynamic IVR, so you can customize your workflow as per your business. Few highlights being, office hours configuration, custom welcome prompts, queue management, prioritized routing, dynamic IVR.

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Empower Agents to Deliver a Personalized Contact Center Experience

Ameyo’s inbound call center software solution provides a unified agent desktop, a cross channel view, CTI & CRM view, enabling your Agents to have contextual inbound interactions. As agents have access to customer information like previous interaction history, contact information, it enables them to understand the customer context and have smart conversations with customers.

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Measure and Scale your Inbound Call Center Operations

Monitor real-time productivity of inbound Agents with built-in real-time channel monitoring via Voice & Chat. The managers or supervisors can check the Agent efficiency in real-time by snooping, barging, whispering, and conferring the live call and chat channels. Additionally, get 18 reports on various business and operations KPIs at your desired frequency.

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Enhance Conversations by Integrating with Leading Applications

Integrate your inbound contact center software CRM with leading applications like Zendesk, Freshdesk Mint, LeadSquared, Zoho, MSD, Kapture, and Freshsales. CRM integration enables you to deliver consistent support while improving agent productivity and making real-time decisions more insightful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inbound call center software allows businesses to manage all incoming calls efficiently. In an inbound call center, customers are seeking quick customer support like answering queries, issue resolution, or any customer service-related issues.


Inbound call center software enables the agents to deliver personalized and superior customer service, reduced wait time for customers, and streamline the inbound customer service workflow for a business.


Ameyo’s Inbound Contact Center Software has the following features:

-ACD for smart routing
-Multi-Level IVR
-CTI Integration
-Real-time Monitoring
-Reporting & Dashboards


There are many advantages of ACD. Some of them are:

-It increases team efficiency
-Increases first contact resolution rate
-Flawless routing of calls
-Reduces call center costs
-Resource optimization


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