Why do you need an Agile Inbound Call Center Software for your Business?

Contact centers continue to be flooded with an increased inbound call volume by 30-40% demanding contact centers to be agile with the technology. Customer service, even before the pandemic, has been a priority for businesses to feed their customers with the right information and provide them with the solution before it escalates.

Today’s consumers are very anxious and it’s important for customer service providers to be empathetic. According to our study and interaction with customers across the globe, consumers look for a human to human interaction and it is essential to address the anxiety of these customers at earliest.

But, how to deliver measurable customer experience even during the pandemic?

To reassure the customers of safety and security, businesses need an agile Inbound Call Center Software to equip the agents to handle a high volume, high urgency customer queries. Customer queries ranging from simple complaints about delayed delivery of a product to complex queries that needs more time can be overwhelming for the agents. 

Here’s what you need to deliver agile and better customer service:

Customer Service Automation

Did you know that you can resolve 80% of your routine queries with a chatbot or a voice bot without involving your agents? To suit customer requirements, you can integrate with a chatbot which is approximately 5 times faster than an agent. While the agents are dealing with complex queries, your automated bot will resolve first-level queries, providing breathing space to the agents. 

Empathy is the Key

Even if your agents are well equipped with the tools to provide exceptional customer experience, empathy goes beyond that. For instance, if you have an unhappy customer at hand, there’s an opportunity for you to turn it into an excellent experience by reassuring them that your brand prioritizes their concern.

Train your agents to be well versed in empathy and ensure that the agents spend time listening to the customer’s concerns. While the pandemic has created anxiety, customers will remember the brands that turned up to provide excellent customer service long after the pandemic is over.

Stay Connected with your Agents

While most businesses are strategizing about dealing with the surge in call volumes, they often forget to provide support to the agents at this crucial time.

There’s enough pressure on agents to quickly resolve customer issues, team collaboration doesn’t have to be one of them. Provide on-call assistance to the agents, make it seamless for them to communicate with their peers or supervisors. Supervisors can jump in on a live call to help the agents when they are struggling to resolve any query, boosting their productivity and confidence.

An internal chat option works great where an agent can seek assistance from their managers instantly.

Don’t Miss Customers’ Calls

Because of the surge in call volume, many customers have to wait for a longer duration on the call, resulting in customer frustration. You can skip that with a well-crafted strategy. Provide customers with an option to request a callback from the agent while they are waiting in the queue. Converting the missed calls into outbound calls can effectively manifest your relationship with the customers, leaving no sign of bad customer experience.

And if a customer has reached out during non-office hours, you can play an automated message on IVR, ensuring that your agents will reach out to them at earliest, putting customer’s anxiety to rest.

Craft the Experience that you want to Sell

Customer service strategy does not have to be one-size-fits-all. Your agents should provide unique experiences to each customer and to do so, they need to be well acquainted with their concerns. Letting the agents have access to customer information like interaction history, purchase behavior, unresolved complaints, etc. can help the agents craft an experience that meets customer expectations.

Integrating your inbound call center solution with an in-house or third-party CRM application can allow the agents to retrieve customer information and cultivate a personalized experience for each customer.



In a Nutshell

The current pandemic has challenged the businesses across the globe to rethink and reboot their ages long customer service strategy, presenting many loopholes in the system. Starting from the challenge of inadequate infrastructure to business operations and team collaboration, businesses are now settling down with the soaring demands of the customers. Now is a great time for you to invest in an inbound call center software that stands out and has the capability to unlock any challenge.

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