AI-ready Omni-channel Contact Center Solution for Enterprises

  • PCI DSS compliant solution
  • Pre-built connectors with industry’s leading CRMs
  • Seamless CX across multiple digital touch-points
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Enterprise-grade outbound dialer

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    Empowering Enterprises to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience


    Why do Enterprises choose to take an Omnichannel Approach?

    Optimize Customer Journey Across All Channels

    Customers today leverage new channels of communication and want to interact with the businesses, the way they interact in everyday life.

    As this happens, relationships with customers take a turn towards increased complexity, with a need to monitor, track, and respond to these interactions across multiple channels.


    Gain Greater Operational Efficiency

    Contact center managers face tough challenges of maintaining high productivity and efficiency of contact center operations and at the same time delivering exceptional customer service.

    With a contact center solution unified dashboard, you can get real-time operational and business data coupled with actionable insights so you can implement the changes as it happens.

    Contact Center Modernization

    Breaking down the organizational silos and removing the limitations of legacy infrastructure is a top priority for organizations to stay competitive. 

    With the right contact center infrastructure in place, you can gain a lasting foundation for achieving optimal customer experiences and take advantage of improved business processes.


    How can Ameyo’s Omnichannel Platform Enhance Customer Experience?

    CTI allows Intelligent Call Routing & Distribution

    Unified Customer Experience

    • Power your inbound contact center solutions with ACD, IVR, and VQ Pass and reduce customer’s waiting time
    • Route the customers to the right agent to ensure a higher first call resolution rate
    • Increase call connection rate using outbound dialer and save agents’ time with smart operations
    • Make your sales proactive with various dialers and scale exponentially
    • Manage voice and all digital channels in one system

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    Manage call from computer with CTI

    Contact Center System Integrations

    • Integrate workforce management systems, CRM software, and other legacy systems. Ameyo Call Center Solution integrates with popular out-of-the-box business tools and has APIs for custom integrations
    • Manage omnichannel interactions and let your customers reach you on their preferred channel using extensive integration capabilities
    • Get a more effective and efficient call routing process using CTI. The telephone, IVR, and ACD can be seamlessly integrated with the business tools and database
    • Features like toolbar integration, screen pop, and two-way synchronization of information enable agents to retrieve customer information and answer the calls with a warm start to improve the customer experience

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    Reporting and Analytics

    • Robust dashboards that show real-time data about agent-customer conversations through multiple channels
    • Real-time information about the interaction source, the agent involved in the interaction, and the context of interaction
    • Get deeper insights into the operations and make informed decisions

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    Centralized Control of Remote Operations

    Remote Readiness

    • Ameyo’s Remote Call Center Software lets enterprises overcome remote IT infrastructure challenges by getting a 360-degree view of all remote systems, devices, and environments
    • Provide your contact center agents the freedom to login from anywhere, anytime. The agents, as well as the supervisors, can log in to the system from any device – laptops or mobile phones; any browser; and any environment i.e. whether they are working from home or office

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    Take your Customer Experience to the Next Level with Ameyo's AI-ready Contact Center Solution

    Secure & Scalable Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Built for the Enterprises

    auto dialer

    Enterprise-grade Outbound Dialer

    Advanced algorithms to deliver high call connects and improve conversion rate. Automate your outbound call center operations by adding an auto dialer in your call center software. Ameyo offers Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Progressive Dialer that you can choose from, per your business requirements.

    Connectors for Leading CRMs-new

    Pre-built Connectors for Leading CRMs

    Seamlessly integrate Ameyo’s contact center solution with leading CRMs and Helpdesk Applications. It integrates with popular out-of-the-box business tools and has open APIs for custom integrations.



    Ameyo’s AI-powered contact center solutions makes it easy to integrate chatbots, voice bots, and machine learning technology into your contact center. Add more intelligence to each conversation with 24/7 self-service and improve customer satisfaction.

    Coverage of Channels-new

    Wide Coverage of Channels

    Seamlessly address digital and voice customer interactions. Ameyo Omnichannel Call Center Solution supports a wide range of channels such as voice, e-mail, live agent, chat, SMS, video chat, and social channels.

    PCI DSS Compliant-new

    PCI DSS Compliant

    Ameyo is PCI DSS compliant with certified public cloud environments across India, APAC, Africa & ME.

    Flexible Mode of deployment-new

    Flexible Mode of deployment


    If your business requires an on-premise call center deployment with servers physically placed on your premises, Ameyo’s On-premise Call Center Software is the right solution for you. With on-premise call center software, you can have great control over server security.



    Cloud-based contact center software eliminates infrastructure costs and is highly scalable when you want to expand your business. Ameyo offers Cloud-based Call Centre Software (public & private cloud) that brings high-end security to your call center operations. It prevents data leakage with VPN security and lets you converse with your customers without any security issues.

    Globiva’s overall conversions have gone up by 12-15% using Ameyo’s Omnichannel Solution

    Powerful Features That Your Enterprise Needs


    Route calls to best-suited agents for faster resolution with flexible and robust Ameyo’s ACD software
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    Identify and route every customer call to the best-suited agent based on the caller’s input with an intelligent IVR system
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    Omnichannel reporting

    Leverage the power of omnichannel report with detailed reports and customized dashboards to measure what matters the most
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    Integrations with CRM

    Ameyo integrates with all leading industry CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Freshdesk Mint, Zendesk, Salesforce CRM, Leadsquared, and more.
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    Omni Routing

    Direct incoming interactions via multiple channels to the right contact center agent at the right time using business rules to facilitate a faster response
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    Automation Rules

    Build an effective contact center process by automating business actions based on event and time-based triggers. It lets you save time and improve customer engagement by automating the next best action
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    Respond faster to customer emails using an inbuilt email editor and templates. Delight your customers with a quick response time.
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    Manage inbound and outbound contact center processes to make each interaction count. Get contextual data of each conversation with Voice recording.
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    Use Web Chat, In-App Chat, and Chat Messenger to initiate and receive interactions from your customers.
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    Smart contact center solutions diversify your customer interactions with social media platforms and help you be responsive to each interaction personally.
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    Video Chat

    Video chat support to deliver differentiated and humanized customer service with video call conferencing, recording, co-browsing and live monitoring and much more to boost first call resolution.
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    Single View of Customer

    Give your Agents a cross-channel customer view on a single screen and help them get ready for every interaction on every channel without losing any context.
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    Why Do Leading Enterprises Choose Ameyo?

    Flexibility and Control

    Ameyo understands that your business is unique and so does its requirements. It lets you define your own business-specific configurations, create your own rules, configure your dashboards and reports, manage your business prompts and a lot more.

    Reliable and Secure

    Ameyo is PCI DSS compliant with certified public cloud environments across India, APAC, Africa, & ME. In Addition to being PCI DSS compliant, Ameyo is also ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 certified.

    We follow a detailed product development, delivery, certification, and implementation process including end-to-end internal testing, periodic VAPT certification with an independent IT Security Agency and adherence to CVSS.

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Ameyo Fusion CX is backed-up with AI-based sentiment analysis that enables your agents to deliver a personalized customer experience. It lets you analyze your customers’ emotions and auto prioritize the tickets to ensure quicker resolution of more important and urgent tickets.

    Seamless Integrations

    Ameyo enables you to integrate your workforce management system, lead management system, in-house CRM, or any other third-party system with its comprehensive omnichannel ticketing system.

    Customer Engagement Expertise

    Ameyo has been providing customer engagement solutions for the last 17+ years to help consumer-facing brands streamline and improve their customer engagement across various channels – voice, email, chat, social media, video chat, and messaging.

    Trusted by Global Brands

    Ameyo has been trusted by 2,000+ brands across 60+ countries. It includes brands across different verticals and industries – BFSI, Edutech, Travel and Hospitality, E-commerce, Healthcare, Aviation, and more. Additionally, Ameyo provides 24/7 local support through its regional partners.


    “Ameyo helped us improve our TAT from 1 hour to 15 minutes.”

    Suresh V. Suryamurthy

    CEO, iMarque Solutions

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    An Enterprise call center solution needs to be secure, robust & have disaster management or business continuity systems in place. Few important features are as below:
    1-ACD / smart routing capabilities
    2-Auto Dialer to increase call coverage
    3-Dynamic IVR – Flexible IVR prompts
    4-Deep Integration Capabilities for third party Enterprise Systems
    5-Call Center Logs-recording, notes, timestamps
    6-Single view of Customer
    7-Unified Agent Desktop
    8-Detailed Supervisor reports & Agent monitoring- Even remote
    9-Work From Home Ready Solutions
    10-Hot & Cold Redundancy


    Effective inbound call routing, intelligent outbound dialers to determine the best time to call while skipping answering machines, unified desktop with all the customer data to help agents have meaningful conversations are some of the ways in which a call center solution can help improve the customer service process of an organization.


    Businesses configure routing rules in a manner that helps them achieve a high first call resolution rate. Ameyo helps you with different routing algorithms like skill-based routing, preferred agent routing, persona-based routing, routing on the basis of historical transactions/conversations, etc. We not only help with effective routing but also provide a real-time Call campaign/queue monitoring dashboard which helps a call center supervisor to take real-time re allocation or redistribution of Calls and agents.

    Explore Call Routing


    There are a number of benefits of a call centre solution such as:

    • Automate your outbound calling with dialer software to reduce agent effort and increase call connects
    • Increase FCR by routing your incoming calls to the right agent based on pre-defined rules
    • Monitor agent performance with the help of live dashboards and call center reports
    • Improve customer satisfaction to ensure customer loyalty

    Ameyo’s Contact Centre Solution allows you to interact and serve your customers on an array of channels such as voice, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, web-chat, in-app chat, to name a few.