Equip Agents and Customers with Knowledge

Arm Your Agents and Customers with the Power of Integrated Knowledge Base Software to find Quick Answers to their Queries

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Omnichannel Customer Support

Centralized Information for Consistent Support

Create a centralized information repository with knowledge management tools to ensure your agents and customers have access to consistent answers to their queries. When information regarding the product and services is stored centrally in an organized manner, it becomes easy for agents to search the right information to assist customers. Customer knowledge base software ensures that whenever customers have a question, they can easily query the customer support knowledge base software and find instant answers.

Boost Agents’ Efficiency

Higher Resolution Rate and Better Productivity

Respond to customer queries in real time without making customers wait on call or transferring calls to other agents by quickly accessing the information needed to resolve their queries. Integrated knowledge base software cuts down the time agents spend on looking for the information required for responding to a support ticket. This considerably improves the SLA and agents become more productive with the increased bandwidth of catering to more tickets.

Outbound and Inbound Call Centre Software

Let Customers Find Answers at their Convenience

Ameyo Fusion CX Allow your customers a quick access to answers they are seeking to resolve their issues. The help desk knowledge base software is an easy-to-use way that your customers can choose to self-serve and resolve issues faster. It ensures improvement in customer satisfaction levels as it averts customers from wasting their time and let them skip the traditional manner of contacting the customer support for finding answers to their issues. It helps customers to explore the products and services at their own pace and convenience.

Turn WebChat- In-App Chat interactions to Tickets

Curtail Support Tickets

When customers have quick and easy access to information for answering their basic queries, they are less likely to raise support tickets. Empowering customers with knowledge management software will definitely ensure less burden on your customer support team. When agents do not have to spend time responding to basic customer queries they have more time to focus on more critical issues.

Something more To Enhance Self Service

Chatbot Integration

Integrate with your own chatbot to deliver an AI-powered customer experience

Customer Portal

Let the customers own their ticket by creating, re-opening, or monitoring their ticket via a mobile customer portal.

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