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Redefining Customer Support

Ameyo Fusion CX

Ameyo Fusion CX is a modern customer support ticketing system that allows businesses to  streamline their customer interactions. This ticketing system helps you auto create tickets for every customer query coming from any interaction channel- voice or digital channels. Backed-up with intelligent ticket routing, Fusion CX also prioritizes the tickets and ensures that no SLA breach happens. Its AI-based sentiment analysis capability lets you understand your customers’ intent, serve them better with a contextual conversation, and improve your overall CSAT rate.

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Create Tickets via Multiple Channels

Omnichannel Helpdesk System

Fusion CX is an omnichannel ticket management system that enables you to handle customer queries from multiple channels. Ameyo helpdesk customer support ticketing system lets you create tickets for queries coming from Voice Call, Email, SMs, WebChat, In-App Mobile Chat, Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Popular Messaging Platforms- WhatsApp, Viber, and Line. These multichannel queries can be handled on a single interface.

One Screen for All Back Office Activities

Unified Agent Desktop

Enable your agents to resolve customer queries faster and save their time with Unified Agent Desktop. It allows your agents to access all support tickets, customer insights, and contextual interaction history of customers on a single interface. With no need to switch between different screens, agents can serve customers more efficiently while saving their time.


Easily Read Your Customer Mood

AI-Powered Customer Insights

Witness a dramatic improvement in CSAT rate by understanding your customers’ intent. Ameyo Fusion CX is backed-up with AI-based sentiment analysis that enables your agents to deliver a personalized customer experience. It lets you analyze your customers’ emotions and auto prioritize the tickets to ensure quicker resolution of more important and urgent tickets.

Automatically Assign and Prioritize Tickets

Ticket Prioritization

Make your agents’ life easier with workflow automation. Define your business-specific rules to automate your customer support process. Ameyo Fusion CX lets you create routing rules to automatically assign tickets to agents, based on their level of expertise and skill set. You can also prioritize tickets based on their importance and urgency.

Workflow Automation

No More Support SLA Breaches

Manage SLAs with Workflow Automation

Ameyo Fusion CX enables you to standardize your customer support process through defining service level agreements. It lets you set SLA policies with a predefined time window within which agents need to respond and resolve tickets. You can also automatically send escalation notification to the manager or supervisor to notify  them of a possible SLA breach along with informing the customer of a possible delay.

No More Manual User Creation

Bulk User Management

Allow the administrator or your customer support manager to create users in the system and assign campaigns to each user apart from the option of manual user creation by simply uploading the CSV file. The newly created users will receive automated emails for changing passwords as per their will. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Customer Support Ticketing System or a Helpdesk Ticketing System is a software that tracks and collects all customer support interactions from different interaction channels- voice call, email, social media, live chat, in-app mobile chat, sms, messaging apps.

A Ticketing System helps you streamline your customer service. A ticket gets created for each customer interaction and software lets you track the entire interaction history and context of conversation in order to resolve customer queries effectively. Ticketing system also helps in automating the repetitive tasks thereby saving your agents’ time.


An Omnichannel Ticketing System is important for businesses where customers reach out to them via different interaction channels- voice calls, mobile app, webchat, sms, social media, email, and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, and Viber. This software helps you create and handle tickets for queries coming from various channels to ensure that no interaction is miised

A Customer Support Ticketing System enables contact center agents to create automated replies for repetitive queries. Ameyo Fusion CX offers Unified Agent Desktop which allows agents to handle tickets from various channels on a single interface. It saves their time and improves efficiency. Also, AI-based sentiment analysis empowers them to understand customers’ intent and serve them in a more personalized manner.