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Experience unmatched call quality, intelligent routing and advanced voice features to improve your CSAT rate dramatically with Ameyo Voice Call Software.

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    Call Center Management System Capabilities In One Place


    Ensure a Personalized Experience with Customizable IVR

    Create unprecedented customer journeys with customized IVR scripts, menus, and options. Smart IVR system optimization ensures that IVR scripts align with the core messaging of your brand and the routing flows take customers to the right agents.

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    Deliver Faster Response with Automated Routing

    Reduce chances of human-error and achieve higher FCR by taking your customers to the right agent with Ameyo ACD’s intelligent routing algorithms. Choose from preferred agent routing, skill-based routing, customer persona-based routing, and many more.

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    Auto Dialer-Voice

    Improve your Call Connect Rate with Auto Dialer

    Optimize your outbound call center software by incorporating a modern autodialer. Ameyo proprietory auto-dialers include predictive dialer, progressive dialer, parallel predictive dialer, preview dialer, and PACE that match with your diverse business needs.

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    Deliver Context-Driven Experience with CTI Integration

    CRM integration improves agent productivity by eliminating the need to manually switch tabs to find customer information. Ameyo Call Center Management Software offers hassle-free CTI integration with enterprise CRMs- Zendesk, Freshdesk Mint, LeadSqaured, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Kapture, and FreshSales.

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    Number Masking

    Ensure Customer Data Privacy with Number Masking

    Maintain customer privacy with number masking capabilities. Ameyo call management software enables you to have complete control of data abstraction with data encryption on agent interface, dashboards, call history, reports, call recordings and real-time monitoring. It empowers you to anonymize customer numbers for agents at all levels.

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    Allow Authorized Access with Role-based Privileges

    Ensure controlled access and reduced chances of human error by the contact center agents. Assign user access privileges at the system and campaign level to keep a close check on your customer data privacy and agent’s access to the workbench.

    What's New in Ameyo Voice

    Churn Contacts Based on Filter Groups

    Arm your supervisors with the capability to create filter groups, fetch data from existing filter groups, and view the filters in that filter group and the conditions assigned to them. This allows the supervisor to segment the data based on specific parameters, and churn it accordingly., improving the lead quality, and boosting the conversion rate.

    DNC:DND List Filtering
    Keep Track of Filter Group Performance in Real-time

    Allow the supervisors to track filter-group performance in real-time to have clear insights into dialed contacts. If the supervisor wants to track the status of a particular prospect, they can view the filter groups to which a customer belongs on the live monitoring dashboard to see the result and strategize accordingly.

    Know Exact Count of Dialable Contacts

    While analyzing the reason for the poor call connects rate, the supervisor can identify the exact count of dialable contacts to ensure the lead quality. Help the supervisors define and modify their sales strategy based on the exact count of dialable contacts. Once the supervisor applies filter groups, they can fetch the dialable contacts for all enabled leads and check the effectiveness of filter groups.

    Improve Conversions using Fetch Order Policy

    Let the admin define the priority using fetch order policy and fetch the data that needs to be dialed out first. This feature helps the supervisor prioritize a specific segment to initiate the calls for better conversion. In the banking industry, the supervisor can create filters for a group of people with an age group of 20-30 years with an average quarterly balance of 50-80K to pitch in credit cards for buying smartphones to ensure better conversion.

    See how Cars24 improved their Lead Conversion while significantly reducing the overall TAT!

    Call Center Management Software Features

    That Boost Agent Productivity


    Have a Single View of Customer Data with Unified Agent Desktop

    Enable your agents to access all call related information and interaction history on a single screen with Unified Agent Desktop. This eradicates the need to toggle between different screens while serving customers and allows agents to optimize their operational efficiency by performing faster complaint resolution and managing CRM, telephony panel, knowledge base, self-presence management, and team collaboration options on one screen.

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    Callback Management

    Automate your Follow-ups with Callback Management

    Deliver personalized customer experience by enabling your agents to understand your customers. Ameyo Voice offers callback scheduling to ensure that no customer gets missed. Click-to-Call infused with callbacks notifications eliminates chances of human error. Let your customers feel heard at their convenience with automated follow-ups.


    Save Agent’s Effort with Click-To-Call Capabilities

    Ameyo Voice enables your agents to enhance their operational efficiency with Click-to-Dial capabilities. This feature ensures that agents do not need to manually dial the customer numbers rather they can just click a number to dial it while saving a measurable time.

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    Collaborate and Assist Customers as a Team

    Ameyo Voice incorporates team collaboration capabilities for agents and supervisors. In cases, when agents need assistance to solve a customer query, they can check if other agents are available to help them and can internally call a specific agent or even supervisors while being on call with the customer. It allows supervisors to communicate with their teams with Internal Chat Broadcast features and enable agents to collaborate and perform as a team with one-on-one Internal chat capability.


    Work from Anywhere with Mobile Agent Capabilities

    Ensure that your agents can work even without desktops and laptops. Ameyo offers Mobile Agent Application to enable your agents to work from their mobile phones while away from their workstations. Empower your agents to work from their homes by incorporating the features and capabilities of a full-stack contact center software in your Agent’s mobile.

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    Data Centers to Facilitate Mobile-like Numbers

    Data Centers to Facilitate Mobile-like Numbers

    With number series starting from 730 (powered by Ameyo’s Indore-based data center), your business gains a higher call pickup rate as it adds the feel of mobile number and priority for the customers.

    Want To Know More About Ameyo Voice

    Ameyo Voice Features

    Inbound Calling
    Inbound Calling
    Outbound Calling
    Click to Call
    IVR System
    IVR System
    Auto Dialer
    Auto dialer
    call recording
    Call Recordings
    Call Quality Monitoring
    CRM Integrations
    CRM Integration

    Ameyo Voice for Robust Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

    Quality Monitoring

    Take Data-Driven Actionables with Campaign Dashboards

    Ameyo Voice enables call center managers and supervisors to monitor each campaign and agent easily. While monitoring the agents’ activities and performance in real-time, managers can take informed action based on consolidated call summary, agent performance reports, and customer summary dashboard. Stay work from home ready by monitoring your remote agent infrastructure with device health monitoring dashboards.

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    Analyze Operational Outcome with Comprehensive Reporting

    Ameyo Voice offers comprehensive reports to track and analyze several call center metrics related to agent performance and call monitoring. These reports can be fetched in different formats- HTML, CSV, XML, and PDF and can also be scheduled to be sent to multiple email addresses at desirable frequency- daily at a specific time, weekly, monthly, yearly, or at a custom time.

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    Workforce Management

    Manage your Workforce with User Management Capabilities

    Ameyo Voice requires it to be dynamic to handle high call volumes with optimum agent utility. Ameyo call management system enables you to manage your users in a single click. Agents can be assigned to multiple campaigns as well as can be switched to another campaign to manage the call volume without any hassles.

    Call Monitoring

    Keep a Call Quality Check with Real-Time Monitoring

    Ameyo Voice offers enhanced flexibility while monitoring the live calls- managers and supervisors can easily control any agent’s live calls. The supervisors can take complete control of a call or can barge in snoop, and whisper during a call to guide an agent or can even force log out the agent, taking over the live call.

    Call Quality Assurance

    Ensure Quality Assurance with Call Scoring

    Call center managers and supervisors can score the calls while listening to the call recordings. The agents can be scored against each call and the scoring parameters can be customized according to the business strategies and requirements. This feature essentially helps in managing users or agents in different queues and campaigns, based on their specific skills and efficiencies.

    Star Star Star Star

    Bilegt Tumurkhuyag

    Senior CX Specialist Khan Bank

    The implementation scale was huge with lot of complexity. It was a major task for us to comply with security requirements and other business requirements. The project team worked effortlessly, satisfying all the requirements.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Kingsley Bennett

    CEO Metro Edge Technologies

    Ameyo's Remote Contact Center Solution has helped us increase our productivity by 60%. It is a very effective solution that helps our agents work remotely with ease.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Mukund Kulashekaran

    SVP of Business Urban Company

    During COVID-19 transition, Ameyo's team worked to solve all technical problems and ensured that we continue to provide high-quality support to our customers and service partners. They are a business partner in every sense.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Amit Sharma

    Head of Customer Lifecycle Management Spice Money

    Ameyo helped Spice Money remote contact center agents reach 100% productivity in two week’s time!

    The Ameyo Advantage

    Leader in Customer Experience & Contact Center Solutions

    Work from Home Ready with Ameyo’s Unique Offerings

    Honorable Mention in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 3 Years

    Work from Home Ready with Ameyo’s Unique Offerings

    Awarded Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific CCI Leadership Award

    Work from Home Ready with Ameyo’s Unique Offerings

    Deloitte Technology Fast 500 ASIA PACIFIC, 2014


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact Center Management Software is a robust solution that allows businesses to serve and support their customers. A contact center management software incorporates various customer service tools that collectively enable their customers to reach out to them for product inquiries, refund issues, and complaints against the business’s service(s) or product(s) as well as to enable business representatives to reach out to their customers to inform them about offers, discounts, booking confirmation, and other information.


    A call center management software makes it easier for customers to contact a business for various reasons that may include product information, refund issues, and complaints against the business’s service(s) or product(s). A customized IVR system and auto routing algorithms in place makes the entire customer journey absolutely hassle-free.


    A call management system helps businesses to intelligently route and manage inbound and outbound calls. It also enables business performance tracking by offering real-time call reporting with various other features. In a nutshell, a Call Management System is a software solution that empowers contact centers with improved customer interactions and enhanced customer experience.


    The cost of a contact center software varies depending upon the business requirements. Since it comes with customizable features and capabilities, the price depends on various factors, such as number of licenses required, auto dialer requirements, IVR customization, voice logger or call recording requirements, and the list goes on. You may request for a free consultation with our experts to know more about the costing.


    Ameyo Voice comprises all modern capabilities and features that smoothens the customer journey and maximizes customer satisfaction. The major highlights of the software are customizable IVR, automated routing, auto dialers- Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Parallel Predictive Dialer, number masking capability, and CRM integration.