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Experience unmatched call quality, intelligent routing and advanced voice features to improve your CSAT rate dramatically with Ameyo Voice Call Software.

Ameyo Voice

Call Center Management System Capabilities In One Place


Customizable IVR

Create unprecedented customer journeys with customized IVR scripts, menus, and options. Smart IVR system optimization ensures that IVR scripts align with the core messaging of your brand and the routing flows take customers to the right agents.

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Automated Routing

Achieve higher FCR by taking your customers to the right agent with Ameyo ACD’s intelligent routing algorithms. Choose from preferred agent routing, skill-based routing, customer persona-based routing, and many more.

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Auto Dialer

Optimize your outbound call center software by incorporating a modern auto dialer. Ameyo auto dialers include predictive dialer, progressive dialer, parallel predictive dialer, preview dialer, and PACE that match with your diverse business needs.

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CTI Integration

Ameyo Contact Center Software offers hassle-free CTI integration with enterprise CRMs- Zendesk, Freshdesk Mint, LeadSqaured, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Kapture, and FreshSales. CRM integration enables businesses to deliver consistent customer support while improving agent productivity and making real-time decisions more insightful.

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Number Masking

Maintain customer privacy with number masking capabilities. Ameyo call management software enables you to have complete control of data abstraction with masked numbers in dashboards, call history, reports, call recordings and real-time monitoring. It empowers you to anonymize customer numbers for agents at all levels.

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Call Center Software Features

That Boost Agent Productivity


Unified Agent Desktop

Enable your agents to access all call related information and interaction history on a single screen with Unified Agent Desktop. This eradicates the need to toggle between different screens while serving customers and allows agents to optimize their operational efficiency by performing faster complaint resolution and managing CRM, telephony panel, knowledge base, self presence management, and team collaboration options on one screen.

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AI-Powered Agent Interface

Deliver personalized customer experience by enabling your agents to understand your customers. Ameyo Contact Center Software offers AI-based customer sentiment analysis capability that assists your agents to analyze customers’ emotions and create personalized experiences for them.

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Click-To-Call Capabilities

Ameyo Voice enables your agents to enhance their operational efficiency with Click-to-Dial capabilities. This feature ensures that agents do not need to manually dial the customer numbers rather they can just click a number to dial it while saving a measurable time.

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Team Collaboration

Ameyo call center software incorporates team collaboration capabilities for agents. In cases, when agents need assistance to solve a customer query, they can check if other agents are available to help them and can internally call a specific agent or even supervisors, while being on call with the customer.


Mobile Agent Capabilities

Ensure that your agents can work even without desktops and laptops. Ameyo offers Mobile Agent App, Phone Agent App, and Field Agent App to enable your agents to work from their mobile phones while away from their workstations. These mobile apps incorporate the similar features and capabilities of a full-stack contact center software.

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Ameyo Voice for Robust Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities


Real-Time Agent Monitoring

Ameyo Voice enables call center managers and supervisors to monitor each campaign and agent easily. While monitoring the agents’ activities and performance in real-time, managers can take informed action on the basis of consolidated call summary, agent performance reports, and customer summary dashboard.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Ameyo Voice offers comprehensive reports to track and analyze a number of call center metrics related to agent performance and call monitoring. These reports can be fetched in different formats- HTML, CSV, XML, and PDF and can also be scheduled to be sent to multiple email addresses at desirable frequency- daily at a specific time, weekly, monthly, yearly, or at a custom time.

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User Management

Contact Center Software requires to be dynamic in nature to handle high call volumes with optimum agent utility. Ameyo Call Software enables you to manage your users in a single click. Agents can be assigned to multiple campaigns as well as can be switched to another campaign to manage the call volume without any hassles.


Call Controlling

Ameyo Voice offers enhanced flexibility while monitoring the live calls- managers and supervisors can easily control any agent’s live calls. The supervisors can take complete control of a call or can barge in, snoop, and whisper during a call to guide an agent or can even force log out the agent, taking over the live call.


Call Scoring

Call center managers and supervisors can score the calls while listening to the call recordings. The agents can be scored against each call and the scoring parameters can be customized according to the business strategies and requirements. This feature essentially helps in managing users or agents in different queues and campaigns, based on their specific skills and efficiencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Center Software is a robust solution that allows businesses to serve and support their customers. A contact center software incorporates various customer service tools that collectively enable their customers to reach out to them for product inquiries, refund issues, and complaints against the business’s service(s) or product(s) as well as to enable business representatives to reach out to their customers to inform them about offers, discounts, booking confirmation, and other information.


A contact center software makes it easier for customers to contact a business for various reasons that may include product information, refund issues, and complaints against the business’s service(s) or product(s). A customized IVR system and auto routing algorithms in place makes the entire customer journey absolutely hassle-free.


A call management system helps businesses to intelligently route and manage inbound and outbound calls. It also enables business performance tracking by offering real-time call reporting with various other features. In a nutshell, a Call Management System is a software solution that empowers contact centers with improved customer interactions and enhanced customer experience.


The cost of a contact center software varies depending upon the business requirements. Since it comes with customizable features and capabilities, the price depends on various factors, such as number of licenses required, auto dialer requirements, IVR customization, voice logger or call recording requirements, and the list goes on. You may request for a free consultation with our experts to know more about the costing.


Ameyo Voice contact center software comprises all modern capabilities and features that smoothens customer journey and maximizes customer satisfaction. The major highlights of the software are customizable IVR, automated routing, auto dialers- Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Parallel Predictive Dialer, number masking capability, and CRM integration.


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