Automate and Customize Your Dialing Strategy

Choose The Right Auto Dialer For Diverse Business Needs

Predictive Dialer

This auto dialing strategy is suitable for high call volumes and uses predictive statistical analysis to maximize agent productivity by reducing the idle time between calls. On the basis of past trends, predictive dialing algorithm will know exactly how many dialing attempts and how much time is required to reach a live contact. Predictive dialer detects busy signals, answering machines, unanswered calls and forwards only the connected calls to the agents thus avoiding call drops.


Pro Active Connect Enhancer (PACE)

Bring intelligence to your outbound dialing process with PACE by smartly choosing customer contacts based on transaction history and customer profiles. PACE works by categorizing customers on the basis of past behavior and best time slots to call. This enables contact centers to not just connect better with their customers but also achieve higher productivity with an intelligent lead selection and well thought-out outreach.

Parallel Predictive Dialer

Go beyond predictive dialing with Ameyo’s Parallel Predictive Dialer (PPD) to facilitate targeted outbound campaigns. It enables targeted and skill-based outbound dialing. For example, based on language preference of the customer, two separate queues can be set-up within the same campaign. Leads can be mapped to the respective queues and the dialer connects with the agents accordingly. PPD solves the two most critical issues of resource management and skill-management simultaneously.


Preview Dialer

To meet the challenges of a complex sales process, agents require a dialer that allows them a prep time before placing the call. With preview dialer, agents are able to see the next call in the list. It gives context to the agents to help them prepare beforehand to drive personalized customer interactions. This dialer is ideal for campaigns with high touch sales point, such as B2B inside sales calls.

Progressive Dialer

Call centers that run low volume high-value campaigns can make the most out of this dialer. Ameyo’s progressive dialer only makes calls when the agent is available to take them, thus eliminating the instances of throwing silent calls to the customers. It is most often used in campaigns addressed to existing customers where the objective is to renew a subscription or up-sell a product or service.

More Outbound Dialer Features


Filter-Based Calling

Set specific rules such as geography, target group etc. before initiating calling to achieve targeted goals and results.

Dial Time Restriction

With this feature, user can put a restriction on auto dialing for a specific time zone.

Retry Time Setting

Set retry time for calls that were met with a busy tone, disconnection, failure, and network error.

Answering Machine Detection

The dialer only transfers those call to the agent that is answered by a human.


DNC Management

Add unwanted contacts to do not call lists to avoid irate customers




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Call Monitoring

Monitor agents by listening to their live calls and assisting them during any conversation with the customer if required to handle interactions better.

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