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Prevent Lead Leakage with Customer Number Masking

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Role-Based Privileges

Grant access to customer information as per the requirement. Get complete control of the settings for the role-based number masking privileges. Ensure the prevention of data leakage at all levels with easy-to-do configurations. From displaying virtual numbers on agents’ screens to encrypting your customer numbers at various user levels, safeguard customer privacy by replacing the actual customer contact data.

Ease-to-Configure Masking Policies

Ease-to-Configure Masking Policies

Avoid revenue leakages with number masking policies. Choose from the list of available masking policies and configure as per the business needs. Have complete control over the visibility of customer contacts with phone number masking policies. Prevent the exchange of lead information with customer number masking at all levels in the user dashboards; agents as well as supervisor dashboard.

Masked User Dashboards

Masked User Dashboards

Maintain customer privacy and anonymity with role-based access privileges. Have complete control of data abstraction with masked numbers in dashboards, call history, reports, call recordings, and real-time monitoring. Anonymize customer numbers for agents at all levels; be it customer details, telephony panel, call history, or voice logs.

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