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Industry’s First Mobile Call Center Solution

Full-Scale, Secure Enterprise Call Center on Mobile

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Enterprise Call Center Now on Mobile


Zero Agent Infrastructure Needed

All you need is a Smartphone and Internet – Your Remote Contact Center is ready

Enterprise-Grade Features

Complete call center functionality with high call quality – Business as usual

Ease of Use

No more productivity loss due to tab toggling – Complete Contact Center Suite

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Much More than a Cloud telephony solution – Hold your Agents accountable

Enterprise Ready Security

No data storage on agent device – Prevent customer data breach


Infrastructure Monitoring

Track the health of remote agents’ system and devices


Get Past Your Infrastructure Worries

Minimal Contact Center Infrastructure

Do not limit yourself with infrastructural constraints. With Ameyo Mobile Call Center Agent Application, let your agents deliver high-quality customer service with just a smartphone and stable internet connection. Ameyo Call Center Mobile Agent backed by mobile WebRTC ensures you do not compromise on voice quality while offering top-notch customer experience.

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Don’t Compromise on Call Center Capabilities

Enterprise Ready Features

Going remote shouldn’t mean a gap in your call center management. The Mobile Call Center Agent application is not your usual call center app as it works as a full-on contact center with dialers to automate your outbound calling, WebRTC for voice quality, CTI integration to access all the customer information along with agent self-tracking for routine tasks – calls handled, number of breaks.

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Boost Your Remote Agent Productivity

Ease of Use

Use the Ameyo Call Center Mobile App floating widget to let your agents have quick access to call-related activities while browsing other apps. Agents can simply click-to-dial and even dispose the call from the floating button itself. Additionally, allow the customer service reps to copy and paste data in the toolbar which they can then access in Ameyo.

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Stay on Top of Remote Call Center Operations

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

Have complete visibility of call center KPIs with campaign level dashlets for making on the go decisions. Since the agents can easily use Ameyo Mobile Application to do post-call activities like marking call dispositions and notes, the supervisors can view the same to change dialing strategies or aligning callbacks.

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Secure Your Customer Data

Enterprise Ready Security

Even when the agents are using their own Mobile device to manage customer interactions, call center application ensure complete data security with features like IMEI Whitelisting, the ability to block call recording and screenshots along with secure VPN support. Thus, comply with business regulations at all times.

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Overcome Remote Infrastructural Challenges

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor the health of devices and systems of your remote agents irrespective of their work locations. Managers and supervisors can make use of Ameyo’s contact center application advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities to fetch Device Management Report to identify call failures due to device (mobile) failure and derive and take corrective measures.

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Higher Remote Agent Work Adherence

Session Timeout on Agent Inactivity

The session on the app will automatically log out when the agent is inactive for a time duration, which can be configured by the supervisor. The session disruption is reported as “Inactivity Auto Logout”  to supervisors to enable precision on agents’ productive hours. Moreover, the agents are nudged to remain active with a notification before the session timeout.

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Make the Most of

Ameyo Mobile App Features

Inbound and outbound Calling
CTI Integration
Digital Channels
Digital Channels
live chat
Live Chat
IMEI Whitelisting
Superior Call Quality
Superior Call Quality
Consistent Metrics Tracking
Consistent Metrics Tracking
Dispositions & Notes
Dispositions & Notes

Experienced and Trusted by 2000+ Customers worldwide

Not The Usual Mobile Agent App

How Ameyo’ Mobile Agent App compares with other Mobile Call Center Solutions

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See how Spice Money Improved its remote contact center agents productivity in two weeks’ time


Frequently Asked Questions

A Mobile call center solution in its true sense is a remote call center setup where front line agents can perform regular contact center activities on a Mobile Phone. A mobile call center solution enables businesses to break out form resource constraints and at the same time empowers them to monitor their agent effectively.


A Mobile Call center solution must have :-

  • A good internet connection
  • Ability to provide Agent a contextual view
  • Ability to handle both Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Integration with third party systems/CRM
  • Self Agent Monitoring & Remote monitoring capabilities

Yes, a modern mobile call center solution enables supervisors to effectively monitor their remote Agents. Real time call monitoring options like confer, transfer, queue management are very important and must have’s for a mobile call center solution.


Ameyo Mobile Call center solution box offering can be deployed under 48 hours. In case of customization and change of requirement the deployment time may vary.