CRM Integration: Seamlessly Integrate Ameyo with Leading Applications

Improve customer communication and retention with CRM Integration and deliver consistent customer service

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    What is CRM Integration?

    CRM integration allows effortless connectivity between CRM software and third-party applications. These integrations facilitate automated actions that augment the functions of your software. This allows you to cancel the need to switch back and forth among systems.

    Benefits of Contact Center Software - CRM Integration

    Unified Agent Desktop

    Improved Agent Productivity

    Eliminate the need to manually switch tabs for using telephony functions like putting calls on hold, call transfer, call conferencing, etc, and accessing customer data in CRM

    Contextual Agent Interactions

    Maintain all call-related data in one place and deliver a context-driven customer experience with real-time data sync in both applications


    Call Center Activity Monitoring

    Monitor, record and analyze the call data, allowing the supervisors and managers to make real-time insightful decisions

    Seamless Conversation across Multiple Tabs

    Seamless Conversation across Multiple Tabs

    Allow agents to make the interactions more effective with features like CTI pop-up even while switching between multiple tabs


    Intelligent predictive dialing

    A CRM integration allows predictive diallers to evaluate possibilities based on lead scores and connect agents with an outbound number that has the greatest chance of a conversion.

    Contact Center Integration with leading CRM and Helpdesk systems

    Freshdesk Mint

    Freshdesk Mint CRM Integration

    Freshdesk Mint’s CRM integrations with Ameyo Call Center Solution have comprehensive and personalized customer interactions to deliver high levels of customer service. Improve agent productivity with features such as One-click dial, ticket management. Automated pop-ups to prevent the agent from losing out on an ongoing task.



    Zendesk CRM Integration

    Build a strong base of loyal customers by enabling CRM integration between Ameyo and Zendesk. Instantly respond to customer requests by using a unified screen with all the customer information. Provide 24/7 customer support along with personalized responses to improve customer satisfaction.


    Zoho CRM Integration

    Integrate Ameyo with Zoho CRM Integration to have personalized, contextual customer interactions and delivering a seamless customer experience. Workflow automation and intelligent call routing to serve the customers better. Review and analyze recorded call logs for agent training and productivity.



    Kapture CRM Integration

    Ameyo-Kapture Contact Center CRM Integration helps to automate the sales process to deliver a great customer experience. This integration offers a complete package for businesses to do end-to-end sales and enable their agents to increase productivity while dealing with customers. Make your customers feel valued by delivering a personalized experience.



    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

    Ameyo and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration seamlessly work to achieve top-level efficiency. Enable agents to deliver personalized services with the help of customer profile information displayed in an intuitive user interface. Improve your contact center productivity to reach new heights of business growth.



    Lead Squared CRM Integration

    Improve your agent productivity and customer satisfaction by integrating Ameyo and Leadsquared. Manage lead activities and capture all lead details in one place. Get a one-click call option and automated workflows to improve agent efficiency.


    Zohodesk CRM Integration

    Integrate Ameyo with Zohodesk to make your contact center’s operations seamless. With enriched functionalities like call context association preserve context across customer’s journey. Monitor the call duration time in real-time to analyze the agent’s productivity. Agents can easily attach the new call to an existing ticket with a single click using the voice telephony toolbar.


    Freshsales CRM Integration

    Make your agent’s life easy with Ameyo-Freshsales integration. Agents can deliver personalized services to their customers with click-based object association ensuring that the context is preserved throughout the customer’s journey. Allow your agents to directly login within the Freshsales interface without any break.

    Salesforce CRM Integration

    Allow the agents to drive contextual conversations with the customer by integrating Ameyo’s Call Center Software with Salesforce. With the extensive capabilities of Salesforce Integration, agents get the flexibility of single sign-on, ensuring a hassle-free agent experience.


    Want to make life easier for you and your agents with CRM Integration?

    Feature Highlights - Integrating Ameyo with Leading CRMs and Tools

    Two-way Sync
    Call Recording
    Call Recording
    Interactive Voice Response
    Auto Dialer
    Quality Monitoring
    Quality Monitoring
    Live Monitoring
    Outbound Reports
    Call Reports
    Call Analytics
    Call Analytics
    Automated Workflows


    Complete Guide To Smoothen Telephony Integration With Your CRM


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    Sankar Rao A.

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    Ameyo software is being used as a CTI for Ola customer and partner support. The software has met the expectation of Ola and we were able to extend it to meet Ola's unique requirements.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Shivam M.

    Sr Network Engineer

    Our connectivity increased with retry time and campaign settings.Working with AMEYO has a great experience mostly in terms of Customer support on any issues identified. Ameyo is economical. Its flexibility with interating different CRM and it will keep stable.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Ehab M.

    Head of Electronic Banking

    Easy to use and customize application with excellent support team
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Mitesh S.

    System Support Engineer

    I like this software because of the capability to handle large numbers of call flows. I like the efficiency of this software like how it works and gave us the option to supervise the agents activity on a real time basis and the proper reports which helps alot to conclude many things.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Following are some of the integration types:

    -URL based integration – Open your CRM within Ameyo
    -Web Toolbar integration – Let Ameyo telephony panel sit in your CRM
    -API/ Web Services based CRM Integration – Fetches the data using APIs


    The most prominent advantage of a good CRM system is the capability to automate many aspects of your sales and marketing processes. These processes may stretch over several applications requiring data and process integration. Moreover, a good CRM also enhances the quality of data along with reducing errors.


    Ameyo can integrate with most of the third-party systems such as:

    – Web Toolbar Based: Zoho, Vtiger, Talisma, etc.

    – Ticketing Solutions: Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.

    –URL based – Core Banking Solutions, Billing/ BI Tools, Leadsquared, Kapture

    However, a feasibility check is required before any new integration approach.


    Ameyo is fully capable of co-existing with the current infrastructure of an organization. Eg, PBX, CRM, Ticketing, customer’s existing database or any kind of hard phones or soft phones. There are various methods of integration through which this can be made possible. Example: URL based integration or web toolbar integration in case of a CRM.


    Yes, we can easily integrate Ameyo with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). However, Ameyo provides a highly customizable IVR of its own with powerful integration capabilities

    For example, a customer calls a call center. The system passes the CLI to the backend system and figures out that it’s the registered customer. Thus the IVR options and prompts are played customized for a customer and not a prospect.