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Why do e-commerce and retail companies need Call Center Software?

The e-commerce sector thrives on repeat customers and thus, delivering exceptional customer service matters the most. They need to provide superior service levels across multiple channels and can’t afford to miss even a single customer call. Adapting the best practices of customer experience management to create everlasting customer experiences is something that every e-commerce company is looking to achieve.

Benefits of Call Center Software for eCommerce and Retail Industry

First Contact Resolution

Provide your agents with all the relevant customer information on a single screen - allowing them to resolve the customer query faster and up to their satisfaction.

Multi-channel Customer Support

Expand your reach and engage with customers on their preferred channel with an omnichannel callcenter software solution.

Increase Repeat Customers

FCR combined with higher customer satisfaction will create a positive brand image and make your happy customers your brand advocates.

Higher Agent Productivity

Advanced call center software features allow your agents to automate outbound dialing along with benefit from intelligent inbound routing to do more in less time.

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What makes Ameyo the perfect call center software for your retail and e-commerce business?

Engage with your Customers - Anywhere, Anytime

Interact with the shoppers via multiple channels while ensuring there are no communication silos. Integrate all your communication channels such as voice, email, live chat, Google’s business messages, social media, etc to offer an effortlessly delightful shopper experience at every touchpoint.

Make things Personal

Get the complete picture of the customer’s journey by collecting information at all the touchpoints along the way. This allows your customer service executives to answer questions quickly and guide the shoppers based on their past behavior while maintaining their SLAs and KPIs. The personalized and context-driven conversations and experience help improve your CSAT score and increase repeat customers.

Let the Customers Serve Themselves

Many customers prefer minimum to no agent interference when trying to resolve a query. Call center software powered by self-service options for the customers will gain your brownie points. Self-service IVR or artificially intelligent voicebot and chatbots not only empower the customers to find answers themselves but also takes the load off your customer support team – freeing them to focus on more urgent and complex issues.

Capture Critical Data

Collect all the relevant metrics – CSAT score, repeat customer rate, net promoter score, cost of acquisition, along with other important call center metrics for effective decision making. Live dashboards combined with comprehensive reports allow the supervisors to be on top of the operations by constantly monitoring the data and tweaking their strategy to optimize the operations.

Scale as you Grow

Do not compromise on customer experience even when working remotely. Ameyo allows you to be up and running within hours while giving your agents the freedom to work from laptops or smartphones. With remote monitoring tools at your disposal, enjoy the agility to scale or descale as per the business requirement or seasonal demands.

Ameyo’s Capabilities for Retail & ecommerce Businesses

Call Center Software features for ecommerce and retail

Missed Call Management
CSAT survey over IVR
Omnichannel customer support
Self-service Options
Order status alerts
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Automated Call Center Dialers
Unified Agent Desktop
Unified Agent Desktop
Intelligent Call Routing
Holiday Routing
Number Masking
Call Recording
Live Chat Support
CRM Integration
Live Dashboards and Reporting Tools


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Work from Home Ready with Ameyo’s Unique Offerings

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