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A virtual call center is a customer service call center where agents can manage customer service calls virtually from multiple geographies and remote locations. Virtual call center software reduces the need to set a physical infrastructure. It is a cloud-ready software that allows customer service reps to handle interactions virtually.

Why Do You Need Virtual Call Center Software?


Ease of Deployment

Stay away from hardware installations with a virtual call center software which is hosted over the internet.  You need a strong internet connection, application server, and database on cloud and you have a ready-to-go call center that can be operated from your preferred locations.


Scalability and Flexibility

Scale your business with virtual call center solutions as you grow. Increase or decrease agents with ease without worrying about the operational cost. Migrate easily from on-premise to virtual call center and handle large call volumes without any hassle.


Business Continuity

Reduce the risk of hardware failover or downtime due to a calamity or epidemic while helping your workforce go remote to maintain business as usual. Virtual call center solutions provide built-in recovery mechanisms and Ameyo’s Virtual Call Center Software even lets you take your on-premise infra remote with VPN access, hence the call flow remains undisturbed in all locations.

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Work Across Time Zones

Difference of time zone in multiple geographies is challenging for organizations to align their business operations. Let agents be available 24*7 for constant customer support with Virtual Call Center Software. It allows agents to access the data from any location and handle call flow with ease. Do not miss any interaction and create business value by improving customer engagement across inbound and outbound calls.


Empower your Workforce with Seamless Integrations

Let your agents drive the contextual conversation with customers and deliver seamless customer experience with remote call center software. Integrate your existing in-house system or third-party CRM to allow your agents to make well-informed decisions. Contact history displayed in the browser before every call connect ensures that the context is preserved. CRM-CTI integration with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, etc. ensures the flexibility in your business workflow.

Enable Smart Routing

With the remote call center software, route the calls smartly to best-suited agents and increase customer satisfaction. Identify the availability of agents and keep a track of idle agents to efficiently use the routing algorithm to send interactions to appropriate queues. Upgrade your existing skill-based routing strategies while prioritizing interactions and automatically assign them to the most skilled agent available in the queue. Delight customers while routing them to their preferred agents smartly.


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Automate Dialing Strategies

Increase the agent’s productivity and reduce the mundane task of manually dialing. Automatically assign the calls based on configured parameters like agent’s availability, average call handling time, call drop ratio etc. with a predictive dialer. It detects the call waiting, call on hold, call not answered etc. to save agent’s time and only routes the answered calls to maximize their productivity.

Reporting and Dashboard

Virtually analyze call details, call performance, call distribution, and call volume in one screen. Record inbound and outbound calls and monitor each agent’s performance on the basis of preset quality standards. Monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously and choose the KPIs that are important to your business specific needs with virtual call center. Manage ticket distribution in peak hours while driving insights through customer interaction data.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual call center software is a customer service call center where agents are not bound by geographically centralized location. It provides the flexibility of working from different remote locations, working from home or different offices. It allows companies to deliver their services across different time zones and reduce the infrastructure cost.

In virtual contact center solutions, integrating with in-house or third-party CRM helps preserve the context of the conversation and give better insight to agents about the customer journey. Agents can make well-informed decisions when they are prepared for the call, thus maintaining the flexibility of workflow.

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Yes, a virtual call center software can support multiple channel interaction like Chat, Voice, and Email as is required by the business.

With a virtual call center software, it becomes easy to scale up or down the business size elastically. With the reduced cost of infrastructure and hardware installation, a virtual call center solution is an easy to deploy model that is equipped with all the features like ACD, IVR, Auto Dialer, Integration Capabilities, Omnichannel Interaction, etc., to best suit the needs of a business.

Explore Benefits

Virtual Call Center simply allows agents to work from their preferred location. And when you have ease of working from different locations, agents automatically manage customer interactions effortlessly. With the best virtual call center tools like Unified Agent Desktop, Single View of Customer, and Knowledge Base Repository, agents are information ready and they can resolve customers’ queries instantly.

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