Comprehensive Call Center Metrics Analytics & Reporting

Track Contact Center Productivity by analyzing Call Center management & Agent Performance reports

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Stay on Top of your Contact Center Performance

Have a comprehensive view of your inbound and outbound call center operations and hold Agents accountable


Get hold of your Inbound Contact Center Metrics

Get a comprehensive view of operational metrics and all the individual call parameters along with the service-level agreement statistics. Get metrics for the number of inbound calls handled, number of customers waiting on the ACD, average call duration, and other such important call center metrics data for the last 30 minutes, an hour, or for the day using Ameyo dashboards. Based on the current trend and call traffic, shuffle your agents to optimize resources and ensure first call resolution and high customer satisfaction.

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Stay Informed of Your Outbound Contact Center Metrics

Be in control of your lead engagement metrics and conversion data with dedicated outbound dashboards. Have a view of call volume trend and churn data for an improved conversion rate. Add customized parameters relevant to the business to allow the managers and supervisors to make well-informed decisions. Get hold of all the relevant KPIs and metrics for multiple campaigns with a simplified view.

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Keep track of your Contact Center Agent Productivity

Monitor your agent’s activities with a bifurcated view for agent monitoring. Stay updated on your call traffic and active workforce to never miss on a call. Keep a close look at metrics like agent’s staffed duration, ready duration, average call handling time, talk time, hold time, etc to plan your operational handling.

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Empower Operation Heads with Mobile Call Center Tracking

Obverse Key Contact Center campaign metrics using Ameyo Bird’s Eye View Mobile Application. Configure monitoring of key metrics that you always want to have an eye on. Get notified of SLA breaches with a Push Notification on your Mobile App.

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Let Data Drive your Decisions

Get access to comprehensive call center reporting metrics. Analyze the activities in any queue or campaign with comprehensive call center metrics analytics. Get customized reports of queues of all inbound or transferred to campaign calls that have reached the ACD for each time interval. Supervisors can also choose to add metrics that are important to their business proposition.

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Optimize your operations with Call Center Dashboards

Reporting and Dashboard Features for Effective Operations Management

Graphical Dashboards

Dashboards with multiple graphs to help with easy and faster consumption of data to draw actionable insights

Agent Infrastructure Management

Identify and fix any issue with the agents’ device or network with the help of remote governance tools and data-points

Custom Reporting

Create and fetch reports for relevant call metrics and agent productivity to be sent to respective stakeholders

Lead Penetration Analytics
Lead Penetration Analytics

Get drill-downed data for the lead list coverage to identify opportunities to increase conversion

Call Volume Trends

Observe call volume trends to tweak your dialing strategies and optimize resource allocation

Remote Agent Monitoring

Keep track on the performance of your remote agents with live dashboards

Call Scoring

Ensure call quality by scoring the conversation based on pre-defined parameters and identity trainining opportunities

Group Manager

Manage your campaigns well by grouping them to optimize your call center operations and increase conversions

Live Monitoring
Live Monitoring

Get access to real-time data about call center operations to enable the supervisors to identify trends and strategize accordingly

Reminder notification
Reminder Notifications

Agents can set reminders for outbound calls to never miss out on calling a prospect or customer

Call History

Agents can view the complete call history of the customers to have contextual conversations

Report Templates

Templates to help the supervisors and managers to quickly create customized reports to track performance

Report Scheduler

Get reports delivered to the stakeholders at a set time and date with the help of report scheduler

SLA Monitoring

Never breach your SLAs with live tracking and notification alerts for the supervisors

Call Recordings

Record all inbound and outbound calls for training and improvement purposes with voicelogger

Agent Performance Dashboard
Agent Self-Assessment

Agents can monitor their own performance to be on track with their targets and achieve their goals

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