Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

“Ameyo’s remote contact center solution has enabled us to cut our operational costs by 15%”

Suresh V. Suryamurthy
iMarque Solutions


Use Case

Remote contact center






About iMarque Solutions

iMarque Solutions is operative in the BPO sector since 2004 and is serving a number of renowned NBFCs and Banks across the world. The company is chosen by brands for its unremitting support and customized solutions designed as per the business requirements. With its parent company located in Kuwait, iMarque Solutions provides tech-driven outsourcing services to B2B as well as B2C businesses worldwide. The consistent 24/7 support makes iMarque Solutions a reliable one-stop solution for those looking out for differentiated services.


  • Manual Operational Overheads
  • Poor Connect Rate
  • No Insights on VPN-Based Calling
  • Remote Agent Monitoring
  • Team Collaboration in Remote Environment


  • Ameyo Voice with Automatic Dialing Capabilities
  • Remote Contact Center Solution- Mobile Agent App
  • Remote Performance Tracking Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Live Monitoring Dashboard with Enhanced Parameters (AIM)

How Ameyo Assisted iMarque Solutions

Aligned with iMarque’s requirements, Ameyo offered an all-in-one solution responsive to their needs. Ameyo’s Mobile Agent App allowed their agents to work from anywhere while offering comprehensive contact center solution capabilities in just a few clicks. Since all agents didn’t have laptops and high-speed internet connection, they could easily use Mobile Agent App to perform all their call center activities with capabilities like presence management, team collaboration, and floating widgets. Further, it enabled supervisors and call center managers to keep an unremitting track of agents’ activity logs with extended monitoring parameters and key metrics. The AIM dashboard empowered the managers to look into every tiny aspect of the operations while providing deeper insights about call connect rates, agents’ idle time, call failure factors, and more. It also enabled them to compare the overall operational productivity of the WFH environment as that of WFO.

Ameyo’s Mobile Agent App proved out to be just the right fit for iMarque Solutions with a smooth, quick, and on-time implementation.