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Identify, Segment and Route Every Customer Call To The Best Suited Agent with an Intelligent IVR System for Call Center

What is an IVR?

By definition, Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input using a keypad. An IVR system interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient.

With Ameyo Call Center Software‘s key feature- multi-level IVR software, now seamlessly route your customers to the right agent or department using customizable call flow mechanisms.

IVR for Self-Service

Intelligent IVR System, also called auto attendant or automated voice, allows businesses to service high call volumes at a lower cost. It can identify & segment callers, and resolve their query without transferring to a live agent. Calls are transferred to live agents only when the caller requires further assistance.

Hosted IVR

An IVR solution installed on a hosted software platform that allows businesses to access the IVR application on the internet. This enables the organization to deliver 24/7 customer service, even after office hours. Having a hosted IVR System is the best way for to gain loyalty and improve satisfaction.

Agent-Assisted IVR

An agent-assisted IVR solution helps the contact center to optimize the cost of operations and along with delivering a consistent customer service. The agent can dynamically direct pre-recorded phrases to initiate a dialog with the customer, without the customer knowing an agent is involved. 



Dalex Finance

See how Dalex Finance improved their customer experience through Ameyo’s Advanced IVR System

Build a Personalized IVR

Design an IVR which is relevant to your business. Make it your own by personalizing the IVR system flow according to various factors such as the number and name of IVR options, professional greetings or even the music which you want to play while the customer is waiting in the queue. Smart IVR optimization ensures that the theme of IVR script aligns with the overall messaging of your brand to maintain consistency and professionalism.


Flexibility at its Best

High level of flexibility to design the IVR based on configurable workflows. Treat your IVR system like a tree which can branch out in any direction. Recording and playing custom prompts, call routing, queue management, prioritized routing, information about business hours – you name it, and you can do it. Ameyo brings to you a smart IVR software which can be molded to your unique business needs.

Self Service Automation

Maneuver the customers to get the answers without the need for any assistance on the part of the agents or customer support team. A dynamic IVR system reduces the workload of the agents and lets them divert their attention to more pressing matters on one hand, and encouraging the customers to be self-reliant to independently solve their issues.


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Design Customized IVRs With Ameyo IVR System


Skill-Based Routing

Route the customer to the best - suited agent according to the level of expertise


Circle Based Routing

Routing based on the telecom circle from which the call has originated


Business Hours

Define working hours and route all calls post that to the voicemails

Must Have Features of IVR Software

Multi-level IVR

After hours routing

Skill-based Routing

Circle based Routing

Call Queuing

Call Waiting and on hold 

Customized Call Flow

IVR Designer

CRM and CTI Integration

Preferred Agent Routing

Feedback IVR

Self-service IVR

IVR Blaster

Personalized Prompts


Bird’s Eye Dashboard

Voice Logger and Archiver

Agent Self Monitoring

Supervisor Call Monitoring


Call Disposition Reports

Call Metrics Report


Want to Design Your Own IVR Flow?

Automate Your Call Center Operations
with Ameyo Voice



A telephony system to answer and intelligently route the incoming calls to the right department


Auto Dialer

Automate dialing process to power up your outbound customer interactions and improve call center agent productivity.


Call Monitoring

Monitor agents by listening to their live calls and assisting them during any conversation with the customer if required to handle interactions better.

Jordan Ahli Bank


Jordan Ahli Bank

Learn how Ameyo helped a leading financial service provider improve their customer satisfaction score by 30%.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows businesses to enable their customers to self serve by configuring multiple IVR options. For example – a Bank IVR can configure multiple self serve options like – Press 1 – Know Your Balance Press 2 Credit card related Information Press 3 Demat account related information Press 4 Current account related information Press 5 Talk to Agent Press 6 Go back to previous menu.

Yes, Ameyo Synthesizer allows you to design your own interactions and call flows using a simple, easy to use drag and drop tool. Ameyo synthesizer also help you to configure ACD nodes additionally helping with call distribution to Agents.

An IVR blaster is primarily used to collect customer feedback and send bulk notifications to customers. For instance, after an order is delivered, an automated call is place to the customer asking them to rate their experience like Press 1 for ‘poor’ or Press 5 for ‘satisfactory’ and so on. 

IVR configurations get complex as a business expands its products, services & reach of markets. We at Ameyo acknowledge the growing needs and complexities of businesses and cover multiple use cases for businesses of varied size and complexities. Few of our IVR highlights being :-

– Multiple level IVR

– Multi-lingual Support

– Self service options

–  Dynamic IVR – Change real time prompts based on CRM/Database

– Non business hours support

– Personalized messages

– Easy CTI and CRM Integrations

– Call logging and reporting mechanisms

Having a complete call center suite for your business will help you achieve all these and a lot more.

This IVR is part of our complete call management suite, Ameyo Voice. You can reach out to us here for further details.

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