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Channel Reporting and Analytics

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Channel Performance

Channel Performance

With the detailed reports of all the communication channels infer which channel is performing the best on the relevant metrics such as the query resolution time. Based on that data, infer which channels are generating more revenue and divert your resources accordingly.

Customer Preference

Customer Preference

With information about the source of an interaction or conversation at your disposal, it becomes easier to identify which are the channels most preferred by your customers. Millennials might be inclined towards having a live chat whereas Generation X would choose an email or voice call. Based on this data, you can choose to focus on the channels which garner more traffic than the others.

Take Insightful Actions

Get Reports in Multiple Formats

Schedule the reports in your choice of format and get them mailed to your inbox. With Ameyo reports you can customize the reports to download them in any format which your system supports. Thus, eliminating the need to install any new software or extensions.

Cross-Campaign Capabilities

Agent Performance Across Channels

Monitor the effectiveness and productivity per agent per channel. Give interaction and conversation summary reports to identify which agent is performing better on which channel. Use this information to be smart about assigning agents to a particular channel

Manage Omnichannel Conversations Seamlessly with Ameyo

customer journey
Customer Journey

Map customer conversation journey and merge interactions to preserve context.

Reporting & Dashboards

Monitor, schedule, and report all your omnichannel customer interactions.

Omnichannel Conversations

Append the related multiple interactions across different channels into one conversation.



Handbook to Effectively Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

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