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Conversation Resolver

Map the Related Customer Interactions Into Single Conversation to preserve context for Operational Simplicity and Ease of Service

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Email Interactions

Email Interactions

Simplify email management for your customer service team by automatically checking and adding all the incoming customer service emails to the related existing conversation, if any. Ameyo Omni identifies all the related email interactions based on the combination of email subject and the customer email ID to club them under one conversation for further actions.


Facebook Interactions

Make sure your agents do not miss the relevant service queries posted on your organization’s Facebook timeline by optimizing your Facebook customer service with Ameyo Omni. Sort and resolve your incoming customer service requests via Facebook intelligently to ensure a faster response. Conversation Resolver smartly identifies all the comments as well as multiple replies to certain comments on a Facebook post and club all these interactions into one conversation.


Twitter Interactions

Manage your brand’s Twitter mentions by tracking and monitoring customer service queries from Twitter in a holistic manner with Ameyo Omni. With the help of Conversation Resolver,  Ameyo checks and create a new conversation for a new and unique interaction on the basis of customer’s Twitter handle and adds all the comments on that tweet in a single consolidated conversation. This not just helps to restore the conversation context for a quick and personalized response, but will also help to monitor your brand on Twitter in real-time to avoid escalating any negative triggers.

Manage Omnichannel Conversations Seamlessly with Ameyo

customer journey
Customer Journey

Map customer conversation journey and merge interactions to preserve context.

Single View of Customer
Single Customer View

Track customer journey with single customer view to let agents access information easily.

Channel Reporting
Channel Reporting

Get detailed reports for all the channels – voice, email, social media or chat.

See how businesses can no longer turn a blind eye to the kind of customer support

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