Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

Leaders Who Steer Our Ship

Global Heads

Sachin Bhatia


As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sachin Bhatia has been leading enterprise sales and marketing that pursues and cultivates new business opportunities and has led the company to acquire a global footprint with a presence in over 60 countries.


Sachin Verma

Chief Financial Officer

Sachin Verma has been responsible for mapping out Ameyo’s financial strategy to pave a path towards becoming an industry leader in the realm of contact centers along with consistent revenue growth and business transformation.


Shella Seth

Senior Vice President

Shella Seth has been driving the growth in the Indian sub-continent by defining sales strategy and driving overall revenue growth for the region. Her exemplary leadership and almost two decades of experience have helped Ameyo to win some major customer success stories in the region.


Prince Singh

Vice President

Prince Singh is a keen planner and analyst with more than a decade of experience in software development. He is responsible for designing and implementing highly scalable contact center solutions in alignment with the current customer demands and creating the road-map for future products to surpass the expectations of the clients.


Shubham Katiyar

Vice President – Human Resources

Shubham Katiyar is responsible for driving all the recrutiment, training, learning and development initiatives. An IIM Kozhikode alumni with more than 12 years of experience in the domain of human resources, he has been the driving force behind an inclusive and empowering organizational culture.


Nikhil Ahluwalia

Vice President

Nikhil Ahluwalia is responsible for all the product deployment and customer support. taking care of high availability, scaling, fault tolerance, monitoring & reporting, low latency, effective usage of resources. With more than 17 years of experience in project delivery and professional services management, he ensures customer satisfaction with minimum effort.