AMEYO Predictive Dialer Technology

High Performance Predictive Dialer Software

Includes voice recording, quality monitoring, reporting, answering machine detection, multiple campaign, and lead management. It is designed to increase your outbound contact center productivity by completely automating the dialing processes.

Trusted by over 2000 companies across 60+ countries


Out of box CTI integrations with existing implementations like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho, and more helps your agent to have contextual calls from within your CRM


Create a customized solution that works according to your business rules allowing you to gain a competitive edge to your customer experience.


Implement an end-to-end software based contact center technology as compared to the traditional solutions that leverage on hardware or acquired legacy systems.


Whatever your business needs, Ameyo can deliver. Ameyo solution can be deployed on-premise, on cloud, or in a hybrid model to maximize business efficiency.

Awesome Features

Peak Call Count

PCC feature sets the bar of maximum calls that will be dialed at once. For Example if Peak CC is set at 100, and the call server is already connected to 80 calls, then only 20 calls more will be dialed out. The dialer will never exceed this limit.

Max pacing Ratio

The pacing ratio defines the ratio between available agents and the calls to be made for each agent. The max pacing ratio defines a maximum limit for the same. So, for example, if the max pacing ratio is set to 1:5, the dialer will dial out five contacts for each available agent at max

Controlled Call Drops

The call drop ratio defines the maximum percentage of call drops allowed, out of the total number of connected outgoing calls. This parameter serves as a controlling factor for the pacing ratio, without which a lot of contacts would be connected to, and dropped due to unavailability of agents. 

Variance Factor

This parameter tells the dialer, by how much it can vary from the other parameters defined, i.e. if the max pacing ratio is set as 1:5, and the variance factor is set as 50, the dialer can lower the pacing ratio down to 1:2.5. 

Agent Waiting Time

AWT parameter defines the maximum time gap between the agent wrapping up the previous call and being connected to a fresh call, in seconds. This setting ensures that the agent does not have to sit idle for long. <If the agent wait time exceed the set time then pacing will increase>

Workforce Management

Ameyo provides the supervisors with tailored dashboards to have a clear view of their contact center KPIs leading to better workforce scheduling & forecasting in order to deliver highest level of customer service.

Answer machine Detection(AMD)

AMD is a proprietary Ameyo technology, that utilizes voice frequency and probability to determine whether the call has been connected to a human being or an answering machine. Only calls connected to human beings are further connected to agents

Proactive Connect Enhancer (PACE)

Bring intelligence to your outbound dialing process with PACE by smartly choosing customer contacts based on transaction history and customer profiles, and Historic Call dispositions

Parallel Predictive Dialer (PPD)

Go beyond predictive dialing with Ameyo’s Parallel Predictive Dialer (PPD) to facilitate targeted outbound campaigns based on Agent skills. Example – Run targeted dialing campaigns in different geographies based on language

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