Simplify your customer interactions with our easy to use CTI integration

  • Single sign-on to accelerate adoption
  • Auto screen pop-ups for better customer engagement
  • Robust CRM integration capabilities for a 360 degree view
  • Intelligent call routing algorithms for higher productivity
  • Strong monitoring capabilities for better quality

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Deliver Powerful Call Management Features

Single Sign-On

Automatic two-way synchronization allow agents to access multiple applications and relieves them from spending time toggling between multiple applications/screens to retrieve customer information.

Auto Pop New Customer Card

Let your agents drive qualified conversations by enabling them with the right set of customer information. Once the call gets connected, a screen pop-up reflects on the agent’s screen that displays relevant customer information.

Enable Click-to-Call

Rule out the need to manually dial a number. Agents can just click on the number on their screen and the call will be initiated from their interface. This reduces the scope of error and results in improving agents’ efficiency.

Prioritize with IVR Input

Get the right call connected with the right type of agent irrespective of the number they have used. IVR reads customers input and displays their information in CRM even if the customer has called in from a different number.

Comprehensive Call Details

Avail all the call records to enhance customer engagement. All the call record data is updated in CRM in real-time and could be accessed for quality assurance and training purposes.

Automated Ticket Creation

Integrating with Ameyo helps to automatically generate a ticket for an incoming or outgoing call in addition to linking calls to the existing tickets. The call related data is automatically tagged with the relevant ticket to ensure complete context for future actions.

Support your Agents with these Highly Flexible
Contact Center Capabilities

Faster Time to Market

Seamlessly plug n play Ameyo contact center capabilities in your CRM and go up and running instantly. With standard APIs, it becomes easy for businesses to start delivering effortless services.

Call Activity Logs

Capture call activities like call disposition data, notes, call recordings, agent’s name, etc. to monitor and ensure that all call data is captured. Call logs also help agents to preserve the context of the conversation.

New Object Creation

Automatically create a new object (ticket/conversation) when a new customer calls in. Customer’s information is captured in CRM and these details could be accessed when the customer would call again to ensure first call resolution.

Call Back Management

Customers often request for a callback. It’s not easy for agents to keep all call back requests on top of their mind. Agents can schedule a callback when requested and they will be notified before a call is initiated.

Object Association

Easily associate a call with an existing ticket/conversation. An agent could club the call with existing data to be accessed in one interface for future references.

Configurable Call Dispositions

Each business is unique and that’s why you need configurable call dispositions. Ameyo allows you to self configure dispositions.

Seamlessly Integrate with Leading Appllications


Freshdesk Integration API

Ameyo Integration with Freshdesk provides features like easy click to dial functionality, ticket management and helps in improving the agent’s productivity. 

Learn More about Freshdesk


Zoho CRM Integration

Integrate Ameyo with Zoho CRM to have personalized, contextual customer interactions and delivering seamless customer experience.

Learn More about Zoho CRM



Integrating Salesforce with Ameyo allows mapping voice interactions with existing ticket and agents can tag the conversation with the relevant ticket or create a new ticket if required.

Learn More about Salesforce



Ameyo app integration with Zendesk allows agents to respond instantly without any delay. Make it easy for agents to access customer’s information using unifies agent screen.

Learn More about Zendesk


Microsoft Dynamics

Integrate Ameyo with MSD to capture comprehensive call details. Using primary ID, relevant customer card pops up in MS Dynamics 365, helping agents to preserve the context of the conversation.



 Integrate Ameyo with Leadsquared to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction while agents’ efficiency is increased. Get a smooth workflow and manage all lead activities in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the integration approaches:
  • URL based integration
  • Web Toolbar integration
  • Chrome Toolbar Extension Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) offers various benefits such as:

– Single sign-on: Eliminating the need to remember numerous passwords. Log into Ameyo and any third party system with one name and password authentication

– Click-to-dial: Simply click on the number to place a call rather than having to manually dial a number

– Contextual Conversation: Pop-up with customer profile information displayed at a single intuitive interface providing agents with a comprehensive understanding of the customer

– Increased FCR: Having in-context conversation along with skills-based routing is one of the best ways to improve First Contact Resolution 

Ameyo can integrate with most of the third party systems such as:

CRM: Salesforce,  Zoho, LeadSquared

Ticketing Solutions: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zohodesk

– Core Banking Solutions, Billing/ BI Tools, Third Party Payment IVR.

However, feasibility check is required before any new integration approach.

Yes, Ameyo is fully capable of integrating with the current infrastructure of an organization. Eg, PBX, CRM, Ticketing, customer’s existing database or any kind of hard phones or soft phones. There are various methods of integration through which this can be made possible. Example: URL based integration or web toolbar integration to name a few.

Yes, we can easily integrate Ameyo with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

For example, a customer calls a call center and punches in her/his order number. Based on this unique identification number, a CTI pop-up with all the customer details will be populated on the agent’s screen and help them in having a contextual, informed conversation.