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Be there for Customers

Intelligent routing to boost customer satisfaction


Be Perceived as an Enterprise

Enhance your brand image with holistic customer care


Live Insightful Monitoring

Real-time understanding of customer needs


Minimum Infrastructure

Eliminate the burden of heavy investment

Be there for Customers

Never Miss a Business Lead

Respond to all calls and address customer queries professionally. Reduce caller waiting time and direct them to the concerned department or agent if required


Be Perceived as an Enterprise

Position as an Enterprise

Make your company appear larger than it actually is while enhancing your company’s image and gaining loyal customers using a holistic customer care system.

Live Insightful Monitoring

Listen to Your Customers

Listen to actual conversations happening live or previous recordings to understand the true voice of the customers and the quality of customer handling experience


Minimum Infrastructure

No need for big, traditional infrastructure

As the complete setup is over the cloud, you do not have take burden or worry about additional, unwanted space in your premises for huge IT infrastructures

Hosted IVR Solution for High Customer Satisfaction

List of Hosted IVR Features to improve inbound call center experience

Customized IVR Call Flow


Drag and Drop IVR Designer


Personalized Prompts


24/7 Availability


IVR Self Service


IVR Call Routing


Flexible Deployment model


Multi-level IVR


Skill-based Routing


Voice Logger


Office Hour Management


Call Reporting & Dashboards

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a caller(customer) dials the IVR number (of your company), the CTI card handles the telecom signaling, call connection part. IVR Application receives the call, play WAV files(audio files), detect DTMF digits or does speech recognition, retrieves information as per the DTMF or Speech Command and play the required wav files as per the scenario. Basically, the IVR discovers the purpose of the call, gathers information from the callers, routes the calls automatically, segments the calls by priority and enable the companies to supply agents for resolving the complex customer issues.

Some major types of IVR Systems are:

  • Inbound IVR : Users call the IVR number, so it is called inbound IVR.
  • Outbound IVR : IVR calls out to the users, so it is call outbound IVR.
  • OnPremise IVR : IVR system which is installed on the premise to be used exclusively by the company. It was only kind of IV before(basic).
  • Hosted IVR(Drishti Cloud IVR) : With advent of web based applications as well as internet penetration, it is now possible to host IVR system at remotely. So it is called hosted IVR system.(advanced)
  • Having deployed hosted IVR, you only need to worry about the application part, call flow, IVR prompts, script etc. and not worry about the concerns related to infrastructure space.
  • Drishti Cloud IVR (Hosted IVR) service offers you the quickest time to go live with an IVR system.
  • Drishti Cloud IVR (Hosted IVR) can allocate more channels to handle more calls simultaneously than a normal IVR system.