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Build an Omni Channel Contact Center for the future

Get omnipresent with omni channel call center software. Interact hassle-free with Ameyo Omni.

Ameyo Omni

All Channels, One Platform

Drive contextual conversations on customer preferred channels. Ameyo provides enhanced omnichannel customer service and support on a single platform. Our platform boasts of inbuilt  support of most popular channels- Voice, SMS, IVR, ACD, Email, Webchat, Mobile App, Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Social Messengers- Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger, and WhatsApp.



Respond faster to customer emails using in-built email editor and templates. Delight your customers with quick response time.



Manage inbound and outbound contact center processes to make each interaction count. Get contextual data of each conversation with voice recording.

live chat


Use Web Chat, In-App Chat, and Mobile Messenger Apps to initiate and receive interactions from your customers’ preferred chat channels.

social media


Smart contact center solutions diversify and strengthen customer outreach  with social media platforms. This helps you be responsive for each customer interaction with your brand.

Flawless Engagement to Make Customers Feel Valued!

Unify all customer interactions into contextual conversations
for seamless customer journey


Easily switch between multiple channels


Get complete context around customers


Design smooth Customer Journey

Connect with customers on any channel

Omnichannel Conversations

One stop to build conversations
effortlessly across channels

Automate Operations

Automate customer service operations to improve productivity and responsiveness

Conversation Journey

Preserve and manage the context of conversations
across channels

Reporting and Dashboard

Get channel wise reporting for better performance monitoring

Setup Your Work from Home Ready Call Center in 48 hours!


“We wanted a flexible solution with customization as our organization progressed. Ameyo understood our business well and programmed the call flow and the telephony. I think it’s incredible.”

Sharmistha Majumdar

 General Manager, Customer Service – Spoton

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An omnichannel contact center is a contact center that allows their customers to communicate with them via their preferred channel. These omnichannel call centers are strategized to enhance their customer experience by providing them comprehensive access to various available channels.

Ameyo Omnichannel contact center solution supports a variety of communication channels that include Email, Webchat, SMS, Mobile App, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Social Messenger (Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger)

Ameyo omnichannel solutions for call center incorporate a wide variety of advanced routing capabilities such as Preferred Agent Routing, Dedicated Agent Routing and Routing based on the inputs from third-party or back-end system. With this, Ameyo is also backed-up with some basic routing algorithms such as Skill-Based Routing and Least Recently Used Routing.

Ameyo Omni supports a number of detailed reports that include Conversation Summary Report, Interaction Summary Report, ACD Call Details Report, Call Details Report, and Chat Details Report. These reports help supervisors and contact center managers to quantify various operational metrics.

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