Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

Astel Group​

Country: Indonesia

Astel Group​

Ameyo’s partner in providing customer engagement solution for Indonesia

As a pioneer and innovator in the Information Technology business for over two decades, Astel Group is committed to simplifying the complexities of business and technical information technology and helping customers take advantage of the latest technological advances. They also aim to find new ways to keep customers’ business innovative and contribute to the interests of the Indonesian community.

To meet the needs of customers and end users, the Group offers a range of services – from integrated system solutions, outsourcing, managed services facilities, and full IT outsourcing services. With a complete range of Group IT and telecommunications solutions, ranging from Telephony Voice, Data, Video, and Wireless Connectivity for advanced mobile value-added services and e-commerce, Astel group is focused on helping customers get the benefits of increased productivity, meet the demands of modern business challenges and achieve their goals.