City Services Consultancy

Country: UAE

City Services Consultancy

Ameyo’s partner in providing customer engagement solution for the UAE

City Services Consultancy L.L.C (CSC) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified consultancy firm that was founded in the United Arab Emirates in the year 2006. CSC offers an effective software solution for Customer Services, Facilitate Call Center Hubs and also provides managed services.

CSC is a geographical leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena. CSC provides an array of sophisticated customer contact management solutions, primarily in the communications, technology and transportation industries.

CSC specializes in providing flexible, high-quality customer support outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound technical and customer support services. What sets us apart from others is not just the diversity of our skills and expertise, but the quality of employees we attract. CSC’ people are real people – motivated, intelligent, resourceful, caring, and, most important, committed to quality service and pride in performance. We only aim to serve our clients with excellence and help businesses in order to reach their full potential.