Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

CMC Telecom

Country: Vietnam

CMC Telecom

Ameyo’s partner in providing customer engagement solution for the Vietnam

CMC Telecom is a member of CMC Corporation, established in September 05.2008. CMC Telecom is the only Internet Service Provider in Vietnam to have foreign shareholding from TIME dotcom – Top 2 Malaysia Internet Service Provider. CMC Telecom provides Internet Services, Data tranmission, Data Center with 40% of CMC Telecom customers and partners are on top 100 global brands voted by Forbes. Until now, CMC Telecom is being a partner with many big NAMEs in the world, such as Microsoft, IBM, AWS. CMC Telecom now is on TOP4 telecommunications service provider in Vietnam, TOP5 companies who most influences to Vietnam’s Internet in one decade (2007-2017).