Country: Kenya


Ameyo’s partner in providing customer engagement solution for the Kenya

Eclectics International Limited a Kenyan based and owned organization operating in 23 African countries providing financial solutions to support banks, microfinance institutions, Sacco’s/cooperatives and other bespoke clients. The company has been operational for over 10 years and enables financial institutions to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by developing, deploying and supporting their proprietary custom-made solutions. The company has undergone various certifications and so have the solutions developed and are able to implement global standard projects.

A key focus is the areas of financial inclusion where we have partnered with a number of institutions to assist them to reach the population at the bottom of the pyramid with financial products that suit them without asking them to conform to conventional banking modalities which is foreign to them. Through this, the number of lives that have been reached and changed is in the millions across the continent and the impact created invaluable as it is immeasurable.

We not only want to provide an ICT solution but we want to be a part of a value proposition that moves Africa to the next level by ensuring that financial services are accessible to everyone and in that stride ensure that enterprise flourishes creating a win-win scenario across the board. Internally, our operations have created employment for over 200 software developers of an average age of 27 hence our expansion in business directly correlates with opportunities created for support of livelihoods. This award will complement our efforts extensively and ensure we continue to provide support to an enterprise that exists to provide life-changing services to Africa’s population.