Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

MAK (Rashid Al Makhawi)

Country: UAE

MAK (Rashid Al Makhawi)

Ameyo’s partner in providing customer engagement solution for the UAE

Rashed Al Makhawi Enterprises L.L.C. (Makgroup Technologies) is the leading, trusted and well-known mission-critical technology solutions provider in the ME region. Our core domain expertise lies in the sectors of banking and financial services, contact centers, telecoms, oil & gas companies, and public safety & security organizations. With a strong focus on delighting our customer, our solutions are backed with unmatched after-sales support & service which is a benchmark in the industry.

We have spent years fostering valuable partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies and this paired with a skilled and certified team of specialist engineers has helped us in maintaining excellent relationships with our client base. We have a strong understanding of local needs, coupled with access to international expertise and technologies.