Ameyo Platform Security

Ameyo Platform Security

Enterprise Grade Capabilities with Comprehensive Audits to ensure data protection and Application Security

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Best Practices for Application Development

Ameyo’s each release build is certified for all Vulnerabilities reported by ever-evolving CVSS Framework. All reported Vulnerabilities are classified and solved using OWASP best practices. All Ameyo Products are continuously scanned for Dynamic Vulnerabilities and Security Penetration using In-House and Third-Party resources. SonarQube is used to for static code analysis across Ameyo Platform.


Identity Management and Access Control

Ameyo supports Single-Sign-On using SAML, LDAP(Active Directory) and OAuth to easily allow all users to sign-in. Comprehensive and Configurable Password Policies ensures flexibility for security levels to different users. Passwords are never stored in a human-readable format using strong hashing algorithms.

Application and Data Security

Comprehensive Security Features to reduce exposure to Clickjacking and SQL Injection. Added security with End-to-End Data Encryption during storage and Transmission. Flexible Session and Inactivity Timeout Configurations to manage enterprise security needs.



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Build a Secure and Flexible Call Center with Ameyo Platform


Regulatory Compliance

Implement capabilities to ensure complete compliance to adhere contact center regulations.



Get high availability and disaster recovery to ensure maximum up-time.


Conversation Framework

Capture, group and preserve contextual interactions over multiple media.

Looking for a Scalable and Robust Call Center Platform?