Ameyo Launches Video Contact Center Solution

Ameyo, an omnichannel customer engagement platform, today announced the launch of a Video-enabled Contact Center Solution to enable brands to humanize the contact center interactions and deliver a superior customer experience. 

In this new normal of physical distancing, real face to face meetings are not preferred. And there is no other channel than Video, which comes close to replicating the physical face to face meetings. With a video contact center, brands can eliminate travel costs for physical meetings while still conversing with the customer with the highest level of attention to details like body language and non-verbal cues. 

Video contact center also enables continuous improvement as the recordings can be analyzed by an AI or human being, which was not possible in physical face-to-face meetings.

“Video as a channel inherently provides more attention and more data to enhance perception,” said Sachin Bhatia, Co-founder, and Global Sales and Marketing Head at Ameyo. “The video-based contact center will make businesses #MoreHuman, and companies that would adopt it would earn consumers trust and differentiate themselves.”

The existing communication channels of voice, bot, email, and chat operate in silos and break the communication, making it inefficient. With video contact centers, information can be exchanged in real-time, thus increasing the first call resolution and net promoter score.

“Video-powered Contact Center will play an important role in digital sales, relationship management, and customer service,” said Prince Singh, VP, Product Management at Ameyo.

“Few verticals that can be early adopters of Video chat are Edutech for discussions with parents about learning programs for their child's future and BFSI vertical for personal discussions during a loan approval process or for relationship management.”

Due to the pandemic, customers are anxious, and thus the need for human to human interaction is more important than ever. With increased cost pressure, many brands have implemented bots and automation for customers to self-serve. While these might be useful for repetitive and straightforward queries, customers want to talk to a human being to address their anxiety. With video calls, brands can go a step further by humanizing the contact center and putting a human face to the interaction, which helps win their trust.

Ameyo’s platform makes it easy to make video calls with its proven video handling capabilities while making it easy to prioritize, track, and follow-up on customer requests with video chat ticketing functionality. Ameyo offers flexible deployment models of cloud and on-premise implementation with private, public, and hybrid instances.