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Case Study


Bank of Makati


Use Case

Call Center Management



Makati City,



About Bank of Makati

Bank of Makati is a private rural bank founded in 1956. It was in the elite list of the Top 1000 Corporations of Philippines in 2006 and became the first rural bank to do so. Committed to serve and make better banking options available to the public, the bank has a net worth of Php 800 million with total equity assets of Php 19.1 billion and is located at key urban centers throughout the archipelago. Its subsidiaries and affiliates include Motortrade Nationwide Corporation, Fundline Finance Corporation, Honda Prestige Traders, Inc., and Global Reciprocal Colleges.


  • Manual handling of calls
  • Agents on multiple sites needed to be linked
  • Operation to be centralized to decrease inefficiency
  • Agent tracking was a challenge


  • Call process automated
  • Accurate reports and analysis provided
  • Manual process errors elimiated
  • Easy Agent Tracking

Ameyo's Solution

Bank of Makati chose AMEYO over other competitors to improve their operations. AMEYO’s CRM and Reporting solution were customized to the bank’s needs. The multi-feature solution also deployed Voice Logger, filter-based intelligent dialing, and multichannel communication (phone, SMS, e-mail, chat) functionalities. Requisite security and compliance requirements were also met. The bank could send e-mails to reps with customized templates and AMEYO updated the same on their internal database.

They were provided process-specific, customized Dialing Algorithm where AMEYO automatically dialed the customer two days before due date, on the due date, two days after due date, and followed the same pattern for “Promise-to-pay” dates. AMEYO also configured automatic e-mail notifications on specific dispositions for payment collections and escalations.