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Bankbazaar improves Customer Satisfaction score by 30% With Ameyo

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Industry: BFSI

Region:  India

About Bankbazaar is an online marketplace for financial products in India, where one can instantly get free and customized interest rate quotes for personal, home and car loans, and credit cards from India’s leading banks/NBFCs and apply online. Their goal is to make it easy for everyone to get a great deal on a loan or an insurance product. One can easily compare the total costs of the loan offers on and get access to unbiased customers’ ratings of financial institutions. The online portal offers a number of options, making it easy for consumers to take a well-informed decision when choosing a product.


  • Wanted upgrading of customer interface
  • Decreased efficiency and wanted to offer superior quality service
  • Process needed consolidation to handle large call volumes
  • Low productivity and increased downtime

Key Benefits

  • ACD ensured uniform call distribution and handled large call volume effectively
  • CRM allows screenpop of customer information instantly to agents
  • Web integration with customer support center
  • Live monitoring and supervision tools to analyze business productivity and efficiency

Ameyo helped Bankbazaar

Powering the call center operations of some of the leading e-commerce businesses, Drishti’s Ameyo became the technology of choice for BankBazaar. Ameyo helped them establish efficient customer support operations to manage their business interactions. 

The solution provided an intelligent ACD, which enabled BankBazaar to handle the customers in a more appropriate manner by ensuring that the right skilled agent talks to a priority customer. Therefore “queue priority management”—a necessity for BankBazaar—was enabled considering the need to ensure repeat customers.

CRM allowed screen pops for ready customer information which enabled agents to address queries in an improved manner, which gave way to a better and faster customer query resolution.


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Bankbazaar improves Customer Satisfaction score by 30% With Ameyo

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