iVenturesPH Inc.


Use Case

Inbound & Outbound Contact Center Solution



Pasig City, Philippines



About iVenturesPH Inc.

iVenturesPH Inc. required a solution they could host at their data center in the US in order to provide services to multiple call centers located in different parts of the Philippines. Drishti implemented their all-in-one Ameyo communications suite at the client’s data center and helped the client provide reliable and customizable services to its customers.


  • Required a centrally managed system
  • Needed a future-ready solution and a reliable technology partner
  • The solution should support multi-tenancy and eliminate IT hassles
  • Features like call blending and skills-based routing required


  • Complete control over IT-related issues
  • Managed call flows
  • Manage multiple call centers through a single IT set up
  • ACD queues managed

How Ameyo Assisted iVenturePH Inc.

The client, after evaluating various solutions, chose Drishti’s all-in-one communications suite Ameyo. Ameyo ensured that every call center in the Philippines connected to the NOC in the US worked as an independent unit. This again was a challenge as the call flows and processes of every call center were unique. As the entire infrastructure was placed in a data-center in the US and each call center would have just network connectivity to the data center, IT management had to be robust. Ameyo, through its flexible architecture, provided complete control over IT-related issues to the Client. As a result of this, the client was able to address the specific process requirements of each call center.