DoT Reduced TAT by Automating Entire Interaction Management System with Ameyo

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    Use Case

    Two-way interactions through an all-in-one healthcare application



    Abu Dhabi, UAE



    About Department of Transport (DoT), Abu Dhabi

    Department of Transport (DOT), Abu Dhabi was envisioned to deliver a world-class transport system and develop a modern, comfortable, and reliable public transport system linking the island of Abu Dhabi.

    With constant upgradation of services and service delivery platforms, DoT is in the process of creating a highly sophisticated transport network that will move people and materials efficiently through the Emirate, in a way that contributes to the quality of life for all residents, businesses, and visitors.


    • Streamline customer service center operations
    • Setup a well-structured information dissemination system
    • Ensure accurate and timely handling of queries and complaints
    • Collect timely customer feedback


    • Reduced call handling time
    • Enhanced service center productivity
    • Improved services through real-time process tracking
    • Met strict high availability requirement
    • Reduced turnaround time for each call to minimum

    Ameyo helped the Department of Transport (DoT)

    In order to provide better services to the public, and in line with the Department of Transport’s (DOT) overall strategic plan, the Customer Service Center was required with the aim to meet all customer needs and respond to their constructive feedback in an ongoing manner. The goal was to develop a platform for the commuters to procure information as well as voice their problems/suggestions regarding the
    offered services.

    Ameyo helped DoT, Abu Dhabi automate their entire interaction management system. Ameyo’s automated voice response solution reduced the call handling time and enhanced the unit’s productivity significantly. Ameyo’s reporting and quality monitoring feature enabled DoT to track their processes and hence, improvise services. 

    Ameyo met very strict client requirements of high availability and provision of scalable and reliable solution handling transactions with real-time comprehensive monitoring mechanism to manage internal KPI’s. Adding proper logging and tracking to this, DoT reduced their turnaround time for each call to a minimum. SMS notifications of the query status added to the customer satisfaction levels that were evident from their commuters’ responses.