Dial 108 Manages around 3,000 Inbound calls and 500 outbound calls daily with Ameyo

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    Healthcare and Wellness

    About Dial 108 in Emergency

    As a part of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), “Dial ‘108’ in Emergency” (popularly called the “108 model”)is a public private partnership (PPP) with State Governments providing service to emergency victims. ZHL assists the service of saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world. Their vision reflects in the commitment to meet international standards for quality in  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and being accessible to everyone regardless of income bracket. Their values lie in being ethical, being transparent,
    and fostering teamwork.

    Dial 108 aims to provide quality emergency care transport within the shortest possible time and ensure delivery of quality emergency care with a proper emergency management system.


    • Ambulance system to be made quicker, more efficient
    • Needed CTI CRM integration
    • Required a customizable IVR
    • Management of prompt allocation of resources
    • Recurring system downtime


    • Better and faster ambulances service
    • Accurate reporting of key metrics
    • Better patient experience
    • Facilitated switching to a standby agent to prevent downtime
    • Strict security compliance

    Ameyo helped Dial 108 in Emergency​

    As Dial ‘108’ in Emergency is an Emergency Medical Service (EMS), their requirements are unique and challenges complicated. The ambulance system needed to be easily accessible, uncomplicated, and efficient. The EPABX system (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) they were using needed to be improved and they wanted a solution which would provide the desired results.

    Dial 108’s calling processes were automated to improve productivity and efficiency of agents. Agents also were provided with CTI pop-ups on screen which identified caller details, location, and other such vital information. This information was relayed to ambulances for better and faster service. Overall, Dial 108 has experienced better management of contact center processes with accurate reports
    and voice recording for quality monitoring.