Ameyo helped us dramatically increase our outbound call connect rates to 70-75%


Rohin George

Manager- Customer Service

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    Use Case

    Two-way interactions through an all-in-one healthcare application



    Bengaluru, India


    Healthcare Services

    DocsApp- Introduction

    DocsApp is one of the top medical apps on Google Playstore, developed by Phasorz Technologies Private Limited. Founded by Satish Kannan and Enbasekar D, DocsApp’s success is self-explanatory with more than 20 Lac Patients using the app for connecting with 2000+ MD and MBBS Doctors specialized in over 18 medical practices. With this, DocsApp supports more than 12 Indian languages and thus, is accessible for patients across different parts of India. The consistent 24/7 support makes the app a true companion for those looking out for the best doctors at odd times.


    • Fragmented Customer Data
    • Disintegrated CRM
    • Poor Connect Rate
    • Higher Response Time


    • Unified Agent Desktop
    • Smooth Integration with In-House CRM
    • Automated Dialers
    • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

    How Ameyo Assisted DocsApp

    Aligned with DocsApp’s requirements, Ameyo offered an all-in-one solution responsive to their needs.Ameyo Voice offered key capabilities that embrace automated dialing, multi-level call disposition, unified agent desktop, call back functionality, powerful dashboard for real-time reporting and tracking agents’ performance, and strong integration with in-house CRM. Further, with Ameyo’s advanced multi-campaign login option, DocsApp was able to assign multiple inbound and outbound campaigns to their agents. This blended call management feature was highly appreciated by DocsApp for being absolutely flexible to manage their agents in various campaigns simultaneously.