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Case Study

Financial Services

Use Case

CIM & Customer Service





About Financial Services

The client is one of the biggest brokerage firms in India with offices in multiple locations across the country. It is a well diversified financial services group that deals with securities, commodities, investment banking and venture capital. The company has about 4,00,000 clients in over 425 cities across 1300 business locations.


  • Difficulty in call routing
  • Lack of Multi-Site Environment
  • Priority Queue Management
  • Advanced Lead Management

Key Benefits

  • Greater consumer satisfaction & Retention
  • Increased Efficiency, hence more Profitability per Advisor
  • Perfect Match to Current and Future needs
  • All-in-one Solution with Managed view of Customer Interactions

Ameyo's Solution

Drishti provided the complete interaction management suite from the DACX™ Ameyo line to address clients concerns. The suite included capabilities such as Automatic Call Distribution, configurable IVR system, Blended (Outbound dialer with inbound) functionality, Voice Logger, Reporting & Analytics, and database. The client was also provided with a CRM which was customized according to their requirements.