Gati Revamps its Customer Service by Upgrading Operational Flexibility with Ameyo

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    Use Case






    Logistics and Supply Chain

    About Gati Limited

    Gati Limited provides a range of solutions such as Express Distribution, Supply Chain Solutions, Cold Chain Solutions, E-Commerce, International Services, and Shipping Services. The Logistics and Supply Chain Company was looking for a solution that would be flexible to changing operational needs and provide them with a complete reporting system to monitor changes as required.


    • Lack of flexibility in handling interactions
    • Siloed backend application
    • Inability to manage blended calling process
    • Integration with existing applications and payment gateway
    • Auto-SMS confirmation for ticket booking


    • Increased customer base
    • Reduced cost per agent per transaction
    • Better customer experience
    • Easy change of movies and shows in the IVR via a GUI-based interface
    • Integration with multiple systems like Payment Gateway, CRM, ASR and Database

    Ameyo helped Gati Limited​

    Due to the boxed nature of the solution previously employed by Gati, it was not capable of providing the necessary flexibility required by Gati. They were in the hunt for a solution that could easily adapt to changing business processes. Furthermore, they required a solution to provide them with a comprehensive reporting mechanism where relevant historical reports and real-time analytics for ease of performance and quality monitoring to their management team.

    Addressing the need for flexibility, Ameyo’s SOA and MDA based approach allowed the solution to completely integrate with Gati’s backend solution. This allowed Gati to have a comprehensive view of all information on a single screen. Furthermore, they were provided with customized reports that were relevant to their business operational needs, the added requirement of real-time analytics was solved by providing supervisor dashboard and wallboard that ensured the right information was provided to key personnel at the right time.