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Gulf African Bank improves Customer Satisfaction With Ameyo

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Industry: Banking

Region:  Africa

About Gulf African Bank

Gulf African Bank is the first and largest Islamic Bank in Kenya and one of the fastest growing banks in the history of the banking sector of the country. The bank offers fully Shari’ah compliant products and services that address the needs of not just Muslims, but everyone in the country including individuals, corporate companies, and institutions. Transactions are based on model Islamic economics – forbidding interest – an alternative to conventional banking. By conducting business on the principles of Shari’ah, the bank provides an ethical and fair model of “banking for all”.

GAB is an award-winning financial institution on both a local and international scale. In 2016, the company was crowned the best bank in Financial Management and Productivity and Quality at the annual Company of the Year Awards (COYA).


  • Lack of Proper Reporting
  • Lack of CRM
  • Operational inefficiency due to Poor Processes
  • Improving Customer Service

Key Benefits

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Improved & Measurable Agent Performance
  • Intelligent IVR system made call management quick and easy
  • Reports created after call analysis

Ameyo helped Gulf African Bank

Ameyo helped Gulf African Bank make their business more efficient and profitable by offering them unique features such as the Intelligent IVR, ACD with intelligent routing, Voice Logger, and Ticket Management.

Ameyo has helped them earn the trust of the customers by always being available on a 24/7 basis for customer service. The Voice Logger feature allowed complete voice recording, access, and management of all interactions between customers and agents to allow them to improve their customer service.

The solution also enabled agent performance & call reporting through which they were able to analyze and examine calls later on, while the IVR and ACD helped customers receive quick responses to their queries by connecting to the most relevant agent.


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Gulf African Bank improves Customer Satisfaction With Ameyo

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