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Kochar Infotech


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Customer Service



Amritsar, India



About Kochar InfoTech

KocharTech is the flagship company of the Kochar Group, one of the few organizations that offer a complete framework for monitoring and managing the Wireless Data User Experience. Kochar is globally acknowledged for its innovative approach towards co-creation of value and its commitment towards its clients. They are a trusted brand of choice of global businesses for providing support and solution in mobility space.

Their business is spread across various locations like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Vadodara, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Kochar Group assists clients to do business better through its industry-wide experience, deep technology proficiency, and vertically aligned business model. Their products and services help customer utilize the latest technology for delivering a differentiated experience.


  • Capture data, media information in a CISCO environment
  • Ability to integrate with a pre-installed CISCO Network ACD using CISCO CTI OS API
  • Real time recording, and regurgitate data in a real-time and historical basis


  • 100% blind voice recording
  • Passive voice logging over multiple channels
  • Downloading and playing recorded voice logs using web based interface.
  • Scalable software-based application

Ameyo's Solution

To address these diverse requirements and build a technology platform for  future, Kochar deployed Ameyo, which integrates via skinny client control protocol. It is a lightweight protocol for session signaling with Cisco Call Manager. Ameyo VoIP Logger connects to SPANports in the network switches, mirroring the media data from CISCO switch to Ameyo server. The Ameyo server is connected to the CISCO Peripheral Gateway (OPG) of the ICM system to receive call events, and in this way manages the calls database and controls what the Ameyo VoIP Logger records. The complete details of the analyzed calls are available through Ameyo Client (web-based) to all the CISCO Clients, Supervisors and Administrators. Ameyo VoIP logger also provided passive voice logging over multiple channels. The 100% blind voice recording solution boasted of MP3 format compression capabilities periodically to save disk space. Other aspects of the total solution had voice log archival clean-up and management.