With Ameyo’s Cloud Contact Center Software, the company was able to perform live monitoring of 4000 agents working from different locations in India while ensuring highly personalized student experience

-Leading EdTech Company

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    Leading EdTech Company

    Use Case

    Outbound Calling






    About the company

    This leading edtech company is India's leading Online tutoring company that enables students to learn LIVE with some of India's best-curated teachers. The company’s USP is its quality of teachers. It has some 500+ teachers who have taught more than 1 Million hours to 40,000+ students spread across 1000+ cities from 30+ countries. It is founded by IITian friends who have been teachers themselves with over 13 years of teaching experience and have taught over 10,000 students. The company’s online tutoring platform enables LIVE interactive learning between a teacher and a student. It offers individual and group classes. The mission is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades.


    ● Manual click to call
    ● To bring automation into their calling system
    ● Low conversion rate
    ● No provision for live agent monitoring
    ● Lack of real-time dashboards for keeping track on sales numbers


    • Ameyo’s highly scalable voice solution on cloud
    • Ameyo Emerge with high availability
    • Lead upload automation
    • Advanced auto dialers
    • Live monitoring dashboards
    • Consistent agent performance monitoring and tracking

    Ameyo helped the company

    Ameyo’s Cloud Solution - Ameyo Emerge was proved out to be just the right fit for this gaint edtech company. It was capable of fulfilling all the requisites the company had - automated calling operations, consistent performance monitoring, real-time dashboards with all business-specific metrics, and data security with various security compliances.
    To start with, it was important for them to make their calling process faster and efficient with advanced automation capabilities, and with Ameyo emerge they were able to do that.