Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

With Ameyo’s cloud contact center software, the company was able to provide personalized student experience.

Leading Education Consultants

leading education consultants

Use Case

Ameyo’s Voice Solution on Cloud






About Leading Education Consultants

For more than 21 years, this leading education consultants company has been the preferred overseas education consultant. They are committed to serve students and help them realize their dream to study abroad. This commitment and hard work has made them one of the best overseas education consultant in India. Further, the company aims to become a single council that offers counseling, research, and business promotions that seamlessly connects students in India to study abroad programs in Foreign Universities and Institutions.


  • Lack of automation
  • No provision to reach masses
  • Lack of monitoring capabilities
  • No insights to provide personalized services
  • Low productivity


  • Ameyo’s cloud-based Voice Solution integrated with LeadSquared CRM
  • Advanced auto dialing
  • Voice Blaster
  • IVR-based data capturing

Ameyo helped the company

Ameyo’s Voice Solution was designed such that it enabled the company to keep consistent monitoring on all its operations as well as agents’ real-time performance. Since the company wanted to reach out to the students via voice calls as well as SMS, the system incorporated SMS as a channel to fulfill this particular requirement. Ameyo’s solution helped them with their exact requisites.