Ameyo Case Study of Leading Financial Service Provider

Case Study

Leading Financial Service Provider

Use Case

Omnichannel Interactions





About the company

Founded in 1956, the company provides a diverse range of financial services including personal, business and corporate banking as well as asset management, stockbroking and treasury services. With a resilient vision of transforming itself into the most preferred banking partner in Africa, the company is consistently building profitable, lifelong customer relationships through the provision of a wide range of innovative financial products and services. It is offering world class financial solutions to the benefit of all its stakeholders with a proven record of mergers and acquisitions of financial institutions operating in Southern Africa.


  • Siloed Communication Channels
  • Weak Reporting and Analytics
  • Inefficient Agent Performance Monitoring
  • Process Complexity


  • Unified Interactions
  • Simplified Customer Journey
  • Enhanced Customer Insights
  • Improved Agent Productivity
  • Informed Business Decisions
  • Improved RoI

Ameyo's Solution

Before connecting to Ameyo, the company was facing monitoring and reporting issues for agent performance analysis. Aligned to their collective needs, Ameyo offered an all-in-one solution- Ameyo Fusion CX. With key capabilities like 360° customer view and AI-based ticket prioritization, Ameyo Fusion CX proved out to be just the right fit for the company with a smooth, quick, and on-time implementation.