Ameyo Case Study on Leading Online Financial Marketplace

Case Study

Leading Online Financial Marketplace


Use Case

Work from Home & Business Continuity




Financial Services

About the company

Founded in 2008, the provides a highly secure and user-friendly platform to deliver end-to-end paperless transactions. The company provides the easiest way for people to compare and purchase the right financial products such as loans, insurance, credit cards, fixed deposits, saving accounts, mutual funds, etc. online.


  • Business Downtime
  • Minimal infrastructure add-ons for WFH Ready setup
  • Prompt transition to WFH setup
  • Maintaining data privacy & security in a remote environment
  • Remote agent monitoring


  • More than 500 agents working from home
  • Business Continuity
  • Seamless transition to WFH setup
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring

Ameyo's Solution

Ameyo’s dual call leg telephony along with the omnichannel setup helped the organization resume their business from their homes. Blended call management capability with number masking, empowered the company to manage their agents in multiple inbound and outbound campaigns without compromising the customer and agent privacy. Supervisors can monitor their assigned agents with real-time agent tracking, dashboards, and timely reports.