Mekong Aviation improves Customer Satisfaction score by 27% With Ameyo

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    About Mekong Aviation

    Mekong Aviation JSC (known as Air Mekong) is a provider of affordable air travel from Vietnam. Providing air transport in various routes across Vietnam, Air Mekong strives to commit to making air travel accessible by always providing the most comfortable and convenient means of transportation for their customers.


    • Streamlining of business processes
    • Faster query resolution
    • Management of core deliveries
    • Comprehensive Quality Management


    • Enablement of Intelligent Routing
    • Improved Quality Monitoring
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Real-time graphic analytics

    Ameyo helped Mekong Aviation

    Understanding the need to deliver superior Customer Experience, AMEYO was deployed as the backbone solution for Air Mekong’s Contact Center. The feature rich solution provided an intelligent routing functionality powered by its ACD feature, which ensured that all calls were connected to the right agent. To manage multiple inbound calls, a queue system was implemented to inform customers that an agent would be attending to them. In addition to addressing inbound queries, a comprehensive Quality Monitoring system was required. Intrinsic to any supporting technology is its ability to deliver reports as per the process needs. AMEYO provided Air Mekong with a real-time graphical analytics dashboard that provided regular updates on various key metrics that were critical to business operations, as well as a Voice logging capability to record all calls for quality scoring and analysis and a comprehensive reporting tool to track historical records of critical metrics of the Contact Center.