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Mphasis Improves Customer Satisfaction With Ameyo

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Industry: BPO

Region:  India

About MphasiS Limited

MphasiS Limited, a leading IT service provider, needed a scalable and flexible Customer Interaction platform that would improve the efficiency of their business processes. The company required a solution that was capable of implementing customizations as per project requirements, but it faced challenges from its legacy solutions. For better efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the company implemented Ameyo suite, an all-in-one platform, as their Customer Interaction Management platform. As a result, the company has been able to implement customizations and offer unmatched extensible services, which improved its operational efficiency by over 15%.


  • Low Agent's Efficiency
  • Lack of scalable and flexible solution
  • Unavailability of customizations
  • Difficulty in deployment

Key Benefits

  • Easily scalable to business growth
  • Flexible to business-specific requirements
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Fast Deployment Capabilities

Ameyo helped MphasiS Limited

Ameyo enabled MphasiS to offer scalability to their clients allowing them to extend the platform as per business growth. And flexibility that allowed them to implement or modify changing process flows on the same platform without incurring huge capital outlay.

Ameyo offered multiple complex customizations and modules based on the different types of projects; this allowed its clients to customize as and when required without compromising on the reliability of the solution or disturbing the business processes.


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Mphasis Improves Customer Satisfaction With Ameyo

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