MTML Streamlined Their Operations with Ameyo

Nitish Kumar


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    Use Case

    Customer Service



    Port Louis, Mauritius


    Telecom Provider

    About MTML

    Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML) is one of the leading telecom service providers in Mauritius. MTML was founded in 2003 by MTNL, an Indian Government-owned telephone service provider, and since 2004 it has grown in leaps and bounds. MTML provides a wide range of services like international calling cards, prepaid and post-paid mobile services, Internet and Mobile Broadband. With MTML’s most affordable tariffs, the rates for the telecom services in Mauritius have come down drastically.


    • Needed to improve customer service
    • Set up a billing helpdesk
    • Solution needed to integrate with existing billing platform
    • Higher call handling time


    • Reduced waiting time with IVR
    • Quota control enabled right customer outreach
    • Incremental Overall Growth of 17%
    • Robust and Easy Integrations

    Ameyo Helped MTML

    With AMEYO, MTML implemented a customer service and billing help desk. Identifying the needs of the agents to provide better services to the customers and make billing collection easy, AMEYO was the IP-based solution which made the process easy. Additionally, as Mauritius is both an English- and French-speaking nation, the multi-lingual requirements of the contact center also were addressed in the solution. AMEYO proved to be highly flexible in supporting both languages, allowing the agents to switch effortlessly.

    AMEYO was integrated with the existing ZTE IN equipment and billing platform. Agents can view all relevant information about the caller in a single window as soon as the call is registered. The scalable and reliable solution implemented features like IVR, ACD, CTI, Switching, Voice Logging, and quality monitoring for MTML. The “Chili” network saw a smooth transition and the network provides customers with the latest technology and competitive offers. The AMEYO solution was effortlessly customized to the unique requirements of MTML and delivered results soon after implementation.