Ameyo Enabled Myntra to Setup Customer Support Center with 24×7 Availability

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    Use Case

    Customer Service






    About Myntra

    As a leading player in the domain of e-commerce business, Myntra is expanding its customer base rapidly. The company has a vision of being India’s largest online lifestyle products retailer—a vision that revolves around giving the consumer the power and ease to transform how he or she looks. Myntra boasts of certain brand promises such as superior experience, broader product selection and unmatched efficiency thus adding to a better purchasing decision.


    • Inability to handle the increased volume of call traffic
    • Mass reachout was becoming difficult due to technical glitches
    • Low business productivity
    • Deteriorating levels of customer satisfaction


    • Automation of entire business processes
    • Better customer-connects
    • Delivered consistent user experience
    • Easy integration with existing business applications

    Ameyo helped Myntra

    Ameyo was deployed at Myntra to provide a unified window for interactions management and empowering the latter to deliver superior customer experience management. Ameyo integrated the entire business processes to a single platform that measured, analyzed, and delivered seamlessly. 

    By creating an effective network of channels, the solution ensured an interlinking of the website and the support center, leading to enhanced customer connects without any technical errors. Ameyo IVR system smoothly managed the incoming calls by addressing the customers with pre-recorded messages, additional messages on special occasions, informing about attractive and discounted deals and hampers and finally routing the calls to an available agent, in case a customer’s query remains unresolved. This ensured first call query-resolution for Myntra.