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Origin Call Center Improves Customer Satisfaction Score by 30% With Ameyo

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Industry: BPO

Region:  Bengalore

About Origin Call Center

Origin is a 24/7 BPO which caters to clients in various geographies like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States and spans verticals like telecommunications, retail, holiday industry, and financial services. Since its operations began in 2004, Origin has acquired new clients while retaining the old ones with its excellent services that include inbound, outbound, and tech support.


  • Needed outbound (Predictive dialer), inbound (ACD), CRM, and database
  • Do-Not-Call compliance
  • High Answering Machine Detection
  • Automatic call pacing

Key Benefits

  • Integrated inbound and outbound solution
  • Provided real-time information on performance of connectivity
  • Easy integration with Teleblock for DNC numbers
  • Incorporated a high Answering Machine detection (AMD) ratio

Ameyo helped Origin Call Center

The AMEYO Suite addressed their requirements by integrating the inbound and outbound solution with capabilities of e-mail, SMS, and chat support that could be used in conjunction or separately depending on projects the client undertook. The solution also enabled multiple campaigns to be run in the same geography with same or different agents assigned.

The solution provided real-time information on the performance of connectivity, and causes of success and failure of connectivity for each number dialed, to the IT team. A GUI-based customized reporting was provided to managers and supervisors could access relevant information on-the-fly.

Customizations were also done on CRM and multiple CRMs were created to suit specific processes. A CRM template was also delivered to the IT team in a language they were comfortable with, which they could use to make small changes on a day-to-day basis by themselves.


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Origin Call Center Improves Customer Satisfaction Score by 30% With Ameyo

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