“The solution was highly efficient and easy to learn, operate, and maintain.”

– RuralShores

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    Use Case

    Inbound and Outbound Calling






    About RuralShores

    RuralShores is an Indian rural Business process outsourcing (BPO) company. It is a BPO based in rural India with delivery centers across various Indian states. The socio-economic venture brings job opportunities to rural youth and cost-effectiveness to the outsourcing companies. The business model has been created to ensure scalability and sustainability of its operations by creating real value, not only for the shareholders but for all stakeholders, and to have a positive contribution to the communities in which it functions.

    RuralShores outsources the remote processing of non-critical business transactions such as data entry, simple bookkeeping, expenses handling, document digitization, and archival, etc. This is done on a very basic infrastructure with reliable network connectivity and with enthusiastic youth who can be easily trained.


    • High Operational Costs
    • Lack of industry specific skilled workforce
    • Tracking & Analysis of Operations


    • Hassle-free IT & Operations Management
    • Manning and operation of regional support hubs
    • Strong supervision and quality analysis tools

    How Ameyo Helped RuralShores

    Ameyo IPCC (IP-based call center software) provided them with hassle-free IT and operations management. The agent workbench of Ameyo provided custom scripts and real-time information to the agents thereby assisting them in customer interactions. The GUI-based interfaces of Ameyo are easy to learn, operate, and maintain at all levels since it requires no programming knowledge. The problem of skill-availability is thus solved by the ease-of-use inculcated in the solution.