Spoton Improves Business Operations and Agent Productivity with Ameyo

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    Use Case




    Bangalore , India



    About Spoton

    Startrek Logistics was established in December 2011, operating under the brand name SPOTON, by taking over TNT’s vast road business in India. With its head office in Bangalore, the upcoming company focuses on the most critical customer, expectation: accurate delivery. The unchanging idea behind their brand is “The system is the service”, and the “system” constitutes a network of people, processes, infrastructure, and technology.

    SPOTON ensures its customers get consistent service quality every time, at every step. Their vision is to be the most preferred Express Logistics company in India. SPOTON’s mission is to deliver commitments consistently to the customers through outstanding people working together, a network engineered for accuracy, and leading the market in quality and profitability.


    • Multi-language support required
    • Skill and priority-based caII handing
    • Lack of Intelligent Routing
    • Lack of live reports


    • Advanced IVR with multilanguage support
    • Faster resolution with intelligent routing
    • Live monitoring and Reporting
    • Designing customized IVR flows

    Ameyo helped Spoton

    AMEYO was the perfect solution to address SPOTON’s quality and efficiency needs. AMEYO’s rich features like the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allowed handling of large call volumes, as well as creation of complex call flows. The CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) feature has CRM screen-pops which contain customer information. This is available to the agents before the call is connected with the customer, giving them ample time to know the customer’s history. AMEYO Voice Logger allows for complete voice recording, access, and management of all the calls made in the system.  The solution also included Supervision and Quality Management for the supervisors, making agent assessment easy.